Distance Education Advisory Committee


In support of the institution's Mission, Vision, Quality Focused Essay (QFE) and Master Plan, Compton Colleges' Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) will work with the Deans, the Distance Education Faculty Coordinator (DEFC), Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate as instructional program leaders to facilitate and improve online teaching, learning and technology.  

With the understanding that faculty should have the primary responsibility for developing policies and promoting Distance Education instructional practices, DEAC will support a learner-centered program designed to further student success by making recommendations to Curriculum and reporting to Academic Senate. Each DEAC member will represent his/her division/department and act as a resource to all faculty and staff members within their division regarding exploration, development and implementation of robust pedagogical online strategies in the Distance Education environment. Also, departments such as the library and student services etc. will collaborate with DEAC to strategize ways to enhance the online experience for our students. 

DEAC Meeting Agenda's and Minutes

For the Spring 2023 Semester DEAC will meet during the following dates/times:
  • Date 1
  • Date 2
  • Date 3
    DEAC Zoom Meeting Link



Voting Committee Members 

Representative Area



DSPS/SRC Rep Cliff Seymour cseymour@compton.edu 
Student Rep Vacant  
Academic Affairs Rep Dr. Airek Mathews amathews1@compton.edu
Counseling  Eckko Blake eblake@compton.edu 
Student Services Rep Vacant  
MIS Rep Vacant  
Faculty Course Review Committee Jasmine Phillips jphillips@compton.edu
Curriculum Committee Chair  Sean Moore smoore@compton.edu 
BIS Lynda Wilkerson lwilkerson@compton.edu 
SS Nathan Lopez nlopez11@compton.edu  
FACH Nikki Williams niwilliams@compton.edu 
STEM Jose Villalobos jvillalobos@compton.edu 
HPS Dr. Roza Ekimyan rekimyan@compton.edu 
Adjunct Faculty Rep Vacant  


Policies/Procedures for DEAC Review

Approved LTI's


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