Student Equity

Student Equity Program

Compton College Vision Statement

Compton College will be the leading institution of student learning and success in higher education.


Compton College Values

  •   Student-centered focus in providing students the opportunities for success.
  •   Excellence as a premier learning institution recognized for outstanding educational programs, services, and facilities.
  •   Supportive and nurturing guidance in a professional and caring environment
  •   Dedication to our commitment to our diverse community through partnerships with local schools, universities, and businesses.
  •   Innovation in adapting new ideas, methods, and techniques to further student learning and achievement.
  •   Fiscal integrity in the transparent and efficient use of financial resources to support student success.

Student Equity Staff




Lydell K. Willis Director, Basic Needs & Student Success
Oluwatosin Williams Student Services Coordinator
Vacant Student Advisor  
Pamela Hembrick-Godfrey FKCE Program Technician
Student Equity Main Office Front Desk 310-900-1600, ext, 2509
Location- Student Service Building Room 230

Compton College Student Equity Plan (2022-2025)

The Compton College Student Equity Plan (2022-2025) provides a guide to address equity in intentional ways aligned with the college's existing efforts and plans, such as the Compton College 2023 Comprehensive Master Plan, as well as the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Vision for Success. The plan highlights the five state-defined equity metrics: Successful Enrollment,Complete Transfer-level Math and English, Persistence from First to Second Primary Term, Transfer, and Completion.

This Plan builds from former equity work at the college and was developed with a race-conscious and collaborative approach involving input from various college stakeholders. Further, this Plan provides a new lens focused on identifying structural equity barriers at the college. Finally, this Plan establishes a local equity statement and identifies current disproportionately impacted groups that will be the focus of equity efforts for the next three years

Compton College Executive Summary 2019-2022


Compton College's Equity Statement

Equity refers to achieving parity in student educational outcomes, regardless of race and ethnicity, background, or identity. Equity processes ensure that all people have an equal opportunity to engage and succeed in a high-quality educational experience while providing all students with the tools to support their academic, career, and personal goals. Compton College students identify needs and solutions to equity problems on campus. Compton College identifies and removes barriers that produce inequity and intentionally designs new programs or refines services to provide each student with what they need to be successful in their college experience.
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