Distance Education Curriculum Subcommittee

Distance Education Curriculum Subcommittee

The Distance Education Curriculum Subcommittee meets at the following dates and times.
Agendas and minutes can be found below.  

For the Spring 2021 semester, DECS meets on the second Monday of the month. DE Addendums must be submitted in CurricuNet at least 48 hours prior to the meetings to be included on the agenda. 

DECS dates and times can be found at this link.
DECS agendas and minutes can be found at this link.
The online zoom room for all DECS meetings can be found at this link

What is the process to fill out the DE Addendum in Curriqunet?

Step 1: Complete the Intent to Submit a DE Addendum Form.
Step 2: Create a course review proposal and fill out the DE Addendum using the DE Addendum Instructions at this link.

LAST STEPS:Once the faculty/originator finishes filling out the addendum the faculty/originator can launch their course in Curriqunet
The Distance Education Curriculum Subcommittee will check the addendum in Curriqunet for errors and will notify the faculty of any necessary changes.
The DE addendum will be placed on the agenda at the Distance Education Curriculum Subcommittee meeting for a formal vote.
Then the DE addendum and COR will move onto the curriculum committee agenda for a formal vote.

Please note: faculty will need to work with the chair of the Curriculum Committee and the SLO Coordinator to properly fill out all other areas of the COR.

If you have questions about the DE Addendum you can email the Distance Education Department at distance_ed@compton.edu

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