Graduation applications can only be filed online through the MyCompton student self-service portal. Late graduation applications will not be considered.

Fall 2023 Filing Period: August 28 - October 13, 2023

Counseling and Admissions & Records is hosting Fall 2023 graduation application workshops. You will be able to:

  • Check your eligibility for an associate degree, associate degree for Transfer or certificate
    • For a complete check, have all unofficial college transcripts from all colleges attended
    • Review the online graduation submission process 
    • Ensure your major is on file correctly

The workshops will be held in-person and virtually. You are encouraged to RSVP to attend virtual workshops.

Instructions for submitting the online Graduation Application:

  • Log in to MyCompton.
  • Click the Apply to Graduate link under Additional Links to submit your Graduation Application.
  • Specific majors or programs must be active on your record to apply to graduate with that major or you will not be able to apply
  • To change, add, or remove a major or academic program to your record, submit the Change of Major Form to    
  • If active on your record, you will be able to apply for the following degrees and certificates:
    • Associate of Arts
    • Associate of Arts for Transfer
    • Associate of Science
    • Associate of Science for Transfer
    • Certificate of Accomplishment and Certificate of Achievement
  • You must submit a separate application for each degree and/or certificate. Click here for Instructions on how to Change your Major.
  • To view the status of your Graduation Application, select the View Application link.   

The fall graduation application is usually available between September to October, and the Spring graduation application is usually available January to March.

Utilize the step by step instructions on how to submit the Online Graduation Application through your MyCompton student portal.

Read the instructions on how to check your major, degree, and certificate through your My Compton Student Portal, when submitting a graduation petition. 

Evaluation Timeframe

The evaluation process takes about 8 -10 weeks. You will receive necessary updates as your graduation application is reviewed. Check your @Compton email address regularly.

Transcripts and Graduation Applications

All official college transcripts from other colleges must be on file in the Admissions & Records Office by the graduation application filing deadline.  If transcripts are not on file by the filing deadline, there will be a delay in evaluating the graduation application.  

Admissions and Records has a cutoff for acceptance of official incoming transcripts for graduation evaluation purposes.  The cutoff date will be the Friday two weeks after the application deadline unless it is summer, then the cutoff will be on the Thursday.  The cutoff date will be published on the Graduation webpage. 

These are received by dates, not requested, or mailed by dates.  If transcripts are not received by the cutoff date, the student will have to reapply for the next graduation application filing period.  

Students enrolled in classes at another college during the graduation application period must submit an unofficial transcript to the evaluator Felecia Hatten at by the date listed above.       


The following must be completed to be fully considered and accepted as a candidate for graduation:

  • Minimum GPA for your degree must be met
  • Degree requirements must be satisfied, completed, or in progress

Go to the Course Catalog Webpage to view graduation requirements for the current academic year in the College Catalog

Review the following requirements to make sure you are eligible for graduation.

  • Associate of Arts requirements
  • Associate of Science requirements
  • Certificates of Achievement and Accomplishments requirements
  • CSU General Education and UC General Education requirements
  • IGETC requirements 

The commencement ceremony is held on the last day of the spring semester.  Degrees for spring graduates are mailed in October. Degrees for summer and fall graduates are mailed in June of the following year.

Meet with a Counselor

Prior to filing the Intent to Graduate and/or the Petition for a Certificate, it is highly recommended that students see a counselor before their final term at Compton College.  This will ensure that students meet the requirements for their degree and/or certificate.

Meet with a Counselor


Transcripts From Other Colleges 

If you took classes or are taking classes at another institution, be sure to SUBMIT ALL OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS to the Admissions & Records Office for review. Failure to do this in a timely manner will cause a delay in processing your application and prevent a student from graduating in their desired term. Official transcripts from college(s) must be mailed directly to:

Compton College
Attention:  Admissions & Records Office
1111 E. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, CA 90221

Important Information

  • Certificate of Accomplishments are not eligible for honors status and will not be invited to participate in graduation. Only degree recipients are eligible to receive honor cords. Be sure to update the evaluator of any updates or changes.
  • Update your mailing address to ensure receipt of your diploma or certificate.
  • Fall Diplomas: mailed March - April
  • Spring Diplomas: mailed September - October
  • Summer Diplomas: mailed November - December
  • Winter Diplomas: mailed April - May

Evaluator Contact Information

Evaluation Specialist: Felicia Hatten
310-900-1600, ext. 2046

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