SRC Services

Requesting  Services

Students with disabilities have the same right as other students to participate in higher education. Students with disabilities may receive academic accommodations from the Special Resource Center. Accommodations are provided only if the student discloses their disability. The student is responsible for requesting services and providing the documentation of their disability. Decisions regarding whether an accommodation is appropriate requires an individualized, interactive process and an understanding of the context. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply for services with the Special Resource Center. However, if a student does not want to participate in the services of the Special Resource Center, they may also request accommodations from the Director of Diversity, Compliance and Title IX in the Human Resources Department.

Services Provided

Among the array of services offered are priority registration, specialized counseling, registration assistance, preferred seating, test proctoring, specialized tutoring, interpreter services for hearing impaired or deaf students, and more.

SRC High Tech Center Lab 

The SRC High Tech Center is open to help with registration assistance, technology challenges, tutoring, or assist you with instructional and assistive technology usage (ex. Canvas). It is located in the Student Services Building, Room 150.

Check in at the Main Desk for the usage of the High Tech Center.

If you need an individual appointment about an approved accommodation (Alternative Media, Text to Speech training, digital class recording, etc.) p
lease contact the High Tech Center Specialist, Clifford Seymour (310-900-1600, ext. 2405) for an appointment.

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