SRC Eligibility

SRC Program Eligibility

To be eligible for SRC services, a student with a disability must have an educational limitation that prevents them from fully participating in educational programs and campus activities. The student with a disability must verify that their disability in one of three ways:

  1. By review of documentation provided by suitably qualified agencies or certified professionals outside of the SRC
  2. By assessment by an appropriate SRC professional staff
  3. By observation of the SRC professional staff

    Educational Limitations

    Educational limitations must be identified by SRC professional staff and described in the Academic Accommodations Plan.

    It is the student's responsibility to provide meaningful documentation of a verified disability. The documentation must be current enough to be meaningful and updated periodically or when the student experiences a substantial change in the condition and impact the identified functional limitations.

    Common sources of verification of disability are medical providers, psychologists, psychiatrists, the Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center, and the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Recent high school students should bring a copy of their IEP to assist with the initial discussion of accommodations and services. Additional documentation beyond the IEP may be necessary to determine the functional limitations.

    Provisional Services

    Services may be provided on a provisional basis with incomplete or outdated documentation, or when a disability is clearly discernable while we await current and complete documentation.  Provisional accommodations will be provided for a limited time and are not guaranteed to be on a continual basis until complete and current documentation is provided.

    Personal Assistance

    The SRC does NOT provide assistance for personal support or for helping with personal study time. Readers, writers, and mobility aids may be provided in the classroom and test-taking use as approved by the SRC professional. A student may use outside agencies to assist.  However, this assistance must be registered with an SRC professional and may not be a relative of the student with a disability.
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