Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Read&Write (R&W) is literacy software with tools designed for reading, writing, study, and research support. It has reader software that works with library articles, websites, and alternate format textbooks. R&W also includes speech-to-text to assist with typing and OCR capabilities for scanned articles or inaccessible websites.

Students  can download the Windows  version of R&W via Read&Write Windows Desktop Version (Links to an external site.).

Students can use R&W to read textbooks and handouts aloud with different speeds and voices, use built-in study tools like highlighting, sticky notes, and dictionary. A floating toolbar will sit on screen and can be used to interact with programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader.

Learn more about Read&Write by clicking here.

Kurzweil 3000 for Web Browsers allows SRC students with the approved accommodation of Alternative Media access  to their textbook content from  any device or computer with internet access. This supports reading comprehension.

  • Read text in Word, PDF, RTF, JPG
  • Read the Web Chrome extension with customizable options
  • Customize reading options; speed, mode and units
  • Zoom in for low vision
  • 31 Natural Text-to-Speech voices in 18 languages and dialectsKurzweil online
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