DE Service Request

Below are form links for various request that can be made to the Distance Education Department. In order to fill out the forms you will need to log into your "MyCompton" account.

If there is a service that you need that isn't listed here please email us at for assistance.

Sandbox Request 

Use this form to request a Canvas Shell for development purposes.

Sandbox Request Form

Canvas Additional User

Please use this form to add additional users to your Canvas Course outside of students registering for your class. DO NOT use this form to add another faculty member to a course. Faculty have the ability to add their guest to your course. This form should be used to add people such as:

  • Tutors
  • Observers (not related to faculty evaluations)
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Others (outside of the college i.e. interpreters, student support personnel, etc.)

Canvas Additional User Request Form

Canvas Announcements

Do you have an you would like publicized in Canvas? Please see the below form for guidelines and procedures.

Canvas Announcement Request

Canvas Liveshell Request

A Canvas live shell is a Canvas sandbox that will have enrolled participants. These are great for informational pages or for advertising services. Canvas live shell owners will be responsible for building and maintaining the shell (including their own enrollment).

Canvas Liveshell Request Form

Course Extension Request

Use this form to extend a course beyond the last day of the semester.

Course Extension Form

Course Merge Request

For faculty that are teaching multiple sections of the same course can request that they be combined into a single Canvas Shell.

Course Merge Request (Crosslist)

Course Update

Use this form to make changes to courses related to a Canvas Shell (i.e. Faculty changes). This form should be used by your Division Chair or Guided Pathway Division Dean.

Course Update Form

D.E. Certification

Use the below form to request course review for DE Certification. The DE Course review is your last step to becoming D.E. certified to teach online. If you have completed training at another college you can skip straight to a course review; however, be sure that the D.E. Department has training documentation on file for you (

D.E. Certification - Course Review Request Form

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