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Malachi Moore

Malachi MooreBorn and raised in Compton, Malachi Moore grew up playing football and going to Compton College to watch baseball games with his brother. Together, they had big dreams. But in 2006, his brother lost his life to gang violence. Shortly after, Malachi lost his grandmother and grandfather, too. Despite his grief, Compton College offered Malachi a supportive way to push forward, finish his education, and join the big leagues...literally. This year, Malachi will be one of 5 African American umpires calling the 2023 MLB season and the 10th African American umpire in MLB history.

“I’ve always wanted to be around football and baseball because they were outlets that allowed me to clear my head,” Malachi says.

At Compton, Malachi played on the baseball team while working as a groundskeeper for the college’s Urban Youth Academy. On school days he went to work early to mow the lawn, water the grass, and keep the campus and sports fields clean. While he worked hard in the fields, he also discovered the wide variety of courses available in the classroom. Malachi was intrigued by the infinite paths before him, so he expanded his horizons in general education classes that introduced him to subjects like history, literature, and art. 

“I took electives like black history,” Malachi says. “I had never taken a black history class before, so it opened my eyes to so much I didn’t know about the United States and the world.”

Malachi credits African American Ethnic Studies with Dr. Moore as a catalyst for the strides he made in his future development. Speaking to Dr. Moore was like talking with family. Malachi recalls, “She told us if you didn’t come to class, it’s no big deal--you’re only building patterns for the rest of your life.” Another mentor who shaped Malachi’s worldview was Coach Shannon B. Williams. During mandatory physical education classes for baseball players, he spoke to the team about the importance of education and family.

“I flourished being around brilliant people with higher education mindsets, it challenged me to dive deeper, learn more, and strive to be better,” Malachi says.

In 2012, Malachi graduated with an associate of arts degree with an emphasis in arts and humanities. He chose general studies so he could explore a variety of fields while he discovered what interested him and what he wanted to do next. Malachi is grateful for his time at Compton because he discovered his passion for business and his desire to be his own boss. Since then, he’s pursued more avenues for leadership and mentorship and understands these positions are what have motivated him all along.

In addition to new classes and mentors, Malachi received support from Compton College’s student services. At every turn, Malachi received academic and career counseling to maintain good grades and stay on track toward his educational goals. He also earned a scholarship through the Youth Academy MLB Initiative to go to umpire school. Malachi’s professors and coaches played a huge part in uplifting his spirit and supporting his education so he could be successful both on and off the field.

Today, Malachi is attending Cal State East Bay where he is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He is proud to be one of 76 full-time Major League umpires in the world and hopes to inspire more students to pursue their educations and the life-changing opportunities it provides. Next, Malachi plans on founding a nonprofit organization where he can mentor students from underserved populations to use their educations to create brighter futures. 

To students interested in pursuing an education, Malachi says don’t think about where you are now, think about where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there.

“Having a solid educational foundation is the key to all success.”

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