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Amy Torres

Amy TorresAmy Torres is a non-traditional student with four children who was looking for a short-term solution leading to a better-paying career. While she had started college many years ago, family obligations required her to interrupt her education to enter the workforce.

She returned to Compton College and had completed the necessary prerequisites for the Nursing Program when she was introduced to the field of phlebotomy offered through Compton College's state-funded Strong Workforce Program. Phlebotomy is the specialized skill of drawing blood samples from patients and preparing those specimens for medical testing.

Torres was selected for the three-month phlebotomy program and offered a scholarship that paid for the classes and materials. In summer 2019, she completed her phlebotomy internship to log hours in the field and is in the process of applying for her license, after which she can get a job as a phlebotomist. "Anyone who has the will can go back to college to accomplish their goals." said Torres. "Compton College has the resources to help!"

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