Prerequisite Clearance Request

Prerequisite Clearance Request

Are you interested in taking a class at Compton College and believe you have met the prerequisite? You can emailcounseling@compton.eduto have your prerequisite(s) cleared and register for class(es).

If you took classes at Compton College prior to summer 2019, please include your unofficial El Camino College transcripts. If you submitted official transcripts to Admissions & Records, due to COVID-19, we are unable to access your transcripts. Please submit unofficial transcripts when submitting a prerequisite clearance request.

If you believe you have met the prerequisite for a class(es), please email from your Compton College email address, with the following:


  1. Before you send an email, complete an application to Compton College
  2. Include in the subject of your email - Prerequisite Clearance and your student ID# in the body of the email, i.e. Prerequisite Clearance - Jane Doe, ID# A00001234
  3. Include in the body of your email - How you meet the prerequisite using one of the following items:

a. Coursework taken at another U.S. college/institution - include the subject and course number, the letter grade, the semester you took the class(es) and the name of the regionally accredited institution(s), e.g. math 153, grade of a B, fall 2019, CSUDH


b. Advance Placement (AP) test score of 3 or higher (Attach a copy of AP test score from College Board) - include the subject and test scores, e.g. AP English Language, score of a 4


c. Class(es) you want to take at Compton College and the semester/term - include the name of the course, e.g. math 190, Single Variable Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, in winter 2020.


d. Upload unofficial transcripts (Please upload legible transcripts. The name of the institution, course name, and unit value should be clear. A picture from your smartphone is not advised. We encourage you to upload a PDF of the transcript)

Below is an example of an email:

Subject: Prerequisite Clearance - Jane Doe, ID# A00001234

Body of Email: 

My name is Joe Smith, ID# A00000000, and I took Precalculus, math 153 at California State University, Dominguez Hills. I received a grade of a B. I want to take math 190 in summer 2023. I have attached are my unofficial transcripts for your review.


Joe Smith

Click here to locate the hours of operation for the Counseling Department. Emails received after hours will be reviewed the next business day. Allow 3-5 business days for processing online prerequisite clearance requests. However, submitting a prerequisite clearance request via email does not guarantee clearance. You might receive an email seeking additional documentation.

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