Disbursement Schedule

Disbursement Information

Financial aid disburses at different points throughout the semester. Please review the disbursement schedule for disbursement dates for each semester (fall, spring, and summer). For your financial aid to disburse on time, make sure all your requirements are completed in MyCompton at least two weeks before the start of the semester.

Disbursement Schedule

For Spring 2024:
  • If you’ve been awarded Pell Grant, the first 100% will be disbursed starting on February 16, 2024, and every Friday after.
  • If you’ve been awarded CAL Grant, FSEOG, or SSCG, 100% will be disbursed on March 1, 2024, and every Friday after.
  • If you’ve been awarded loans, 100% will be disbursed on March 1, 2024 (except spring-only students) and every Friday after.
If your file is completed after the date(s) you see on the schedule, you can expect your disbursement about 2-3 weeks after your file has been completed. Please note that all disbursements typically arrive on Fridays. If you’re having funds transferred to your bank account, it may take an additional 1-2 business days for funds to reach your account.

The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) is a fee waiver that does not disburse to students. It remains in the student's account to waive the enrollment fees as they register for courses.

Units of Enrollment Required for Disbursement Per Semester
Enrollment Status Number of Units Enrolled Percentage of Disbursed Amount
Full-Time 12 or more units 100%
Three-Quarter-Time 9-11.5 units 75%
Half-Time 6-8.5 units 50%
Less-Than-Half-Time 1-5.5 units 25%
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