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Members of the STEM Club create projects applying ideas learned in STEM classes. Students who participate in these projects gain knowledge of the manufacturing and engineering process: planning, designing, prototyping, and testing.

  • Accomlishments

    • The club created a compost bin, which will be used to create compost to use it to create an organic garden.
    • Model Rocket Launch Competition - an event for the school community that launched model kit rockets.

    • Launched Compton College's second weather balloon, (PDF) which reached 106 thousand feet, and got onto KCBS news (Click Here to see the video)
    • Launched its first rocket to 7500 feet at the high-altitude Reaction Research Society's field near China Lake (Click Here to see the video)
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  • 2020-2021 Projects 
    Project Name Summary
    Rockets The goal of the project is to develop skills to launch a 20-foot rocket up towards the Karman line. We started with small model rockets, will be moving to alpha rockets, and we eventually start working with the Compton Comet.
    Greenhouse We plan to use Compton College's greenhouse to grow food through various methods; we want to have a balance between growing with soil and hydroponic techniques. We are also working on composting, designing an irrigation system, and then moving to hydroponics.
    High Altitude Balloon We have launched before and have gotten great results, but there is always room for improvement, for example, working with LMU and launching one of their CubeSat with our Balloon.
    • New projects are always welcome!

    Students with a balloon
  • Benefits 
    • Fieldtrips
    • CSU Long Beach Rocket Club Tours
    • Waldo Stakes Ranch, Apple Valley, California
    • Mojave Test Area
    • Networking activities
    • Reaction Research Society - Group of individuals with extensive knowledge in Rockets
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Prepare you with research opportunities for growth
    • Provides hands-on experienceSoldering and Arduino
    • Allows you to grow in leadership positions
    • Program Management Experience
    • Improve your presentation skills; previous members have presented to the RRS, Chapman University, Compton College High School Principle Breakfast and Science Symposium

    Two students and a mentor
  • Meeting & Contact Information
    The STEM Club meets every Friday, at 2:00 p.m. in MS 126.

    All general meetings are held virtually via Zoom:

    For more information contact:
     Stem club Zoom meeting
  • Officers & Advisors 

    Meet the STEM Club Advisors:

    Group at the ranch


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