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Official Name and History:

Official Transcripts: 

Compton College began issuing official transcripts Summer 2019; transferable courses are effective Summer 2019.


1. Begins with Fall 2019 for Compton College
2. "Compton College" has been added to the Institution drop-down menu (9/15/20), effective 2019-2020
  • "Compton Community College" is also included in the Institution drop-down menu for accessing transfer data prior to 2019-2020.
3. The Course-to Course Articulation copy from El Camino College has been completed (Sept. 2020)
  • University Articulation Officers are now creating and publishing Compton College Major Articulation Agreements beginning with either 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 (current year). There is no specific timeline for completion; each university determines when articulation agreements are published.
4. Current & Past Challenges:
  • When 2019-2020 or later is selected and no articulation is present for the Compton College/UC/CSU selected, results revert to either El Camino College or Compton Community College; discovered Sept. 2020 (resolved Jan 2021).
  • We are listed as Compton Community College; resolved Sept 2020.
  • Compton College Articulation Agreements are not yet available (internal or public site); resolved Sept. 2020.
  • ASSIST/CSU Chancellor's Office has provided the (very short) list of possible Articulation Agreement discrepancies with our transition from El Camino College (ECC); resolved May 2020.
  • Compton Community College ("old" Compton) Articulation prior to 2006 was erroneously displaying as El Camino College; resolved March 2020.


The C-ID technical issue we were experiencing with updating ECC Dept Name & Number to reflect Compton College's has been resolved (Feb 2020). We have begun the (slow) process of updating the course information from ECC to Compton College's. In the interim, please refer to the Course Equivalencies Crosswalk below when verifying courses for C-ID. If there is an immediate need for a course to reflect Compton College's Dept. Name & Number, please contact the Articulation Officer. C-ID Course : ECC PSYCH 5 (CC PSYC 101) is approved for PSY 110. ECC PSYCH 5 could not be updated to CC PSYC 101 because the units was erroneously listed as 5; therefore a new C-ID submission resulted. Both PSYCH 5 and PSYC 101 (approved for PSY 110) are listed on the C-ID website.

Course Equivalencies and Curriculum Information:


OPEID/FAFSA (042817)

Compton College Articulation Request Calendars


  • For questions about this page, please contact the Articulation Officer: Melain McIntosh; 310-900-1600, Ext. 2769.
  • Richette Bell, Director of Admissions & Records 310-900-1600 Ext. 2048
  • Felecia Hatten, Evaluation Specialist 310-900-1600 Ext. 2046
  • Last Updated: Aug. 23, 2022


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