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Official Name and History:

Official Transcripts: 

Compton College began issuing official transcripts Summer 2019; transferable courses are effective Summer 2019.


Begins with Fall 2019 for Compton College; transferable coursework begins summer 2019 per curriculum migration agreement from El Camino College.

Past Challenges & Updates:
  •  "Compton College" has been added to the Institution drop-down menu (9/15/20), effective 2019-2020. "Compton Community College" is also included in the Institution drop-down menu for accessing transfer data prior to 2019-2020.
  • Compton College Articulation Agreements are not yet available (internal or public site); resolved Sept. 2020. The Course-to Course Articulation copy from El Camino College has been completed (Sept. 2020). University Articulation Officers are now creating and publishing  Compton College Major Articulation Agreements beginning with either 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 (current year). There is no specific timeline for completion; each university determines when articulation agreements are published.
  • When 2019-2020 or later is selected and no articulation is present for the Compton College/UC/CSU selected, results revert to either El Camino College or Compton Community College; discovered Sept. 2020 (resolved Jan 2021).
  • We are listed as Compton Community College; resolved Sept 2020.
  • ASSIST/CSU Chancellor's Office has provided the (very short) list of possible Articulation Agreement discrepancies with our transition from El Camino College (ECC); resolved May 2020.
  • Compton Community College ("old" Compton) Articulation prior to 2006 was erroneously displaying as El Camino College; resolved March 2020.


The C-ID technical issue we were experiencing with updating ECC Dept Name & Number to reflect Compton College's has been resolved (Feb 2020).
We have updated the course information from ECC to Compton College's for current Compton College courses; courses approved under ECC that were not migrated to Compton College will still be visible on the site.
Note: ECC PSYCH 5 (CC PSYC 101) is approved for PSY 110. ECC PSYCH 5 could not be updated to CC PSYC 101 because the units was erroneously listed as 5; therefore a new C-ID submission resulted. Both PSYCH 5 and PSYC 101 (approved for PSY 110) are listed on the C-ID website.

Course Equivalencies and Curriculum Information:


CEEB Code: 004078

Compton College Articulation Request Calendars


  • For questions about this page, please contact the Articulation Officer: Melain McIntosh; 310-900-1600, Ext. 2769.
  • Richette Bell, Director of Admissions & Records 310-900-1600 Ext. 2048
  • Felecia Hatten, Evaluation Specialist 310-900-1600 Ext. 2046
  • Last Updated: Sept. 1, 2023


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