Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides support to faculty to achieve the goal of providing high quality instruction.  The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for all instructional programs at Compton College.  Additionally, the Office of Academic Affairs oversees Adult Education and Workforce Development, the Child Development Center, the Holifield Library, the Student Success Center, and the Distance Education Department.

The Office of Academic Affairs contains the five Guided Pathways Divisions:

You are encouraged to explore the many degree and certificate programs offered at Compton College.


Compton College is a welcoming and inclusive community where diverse students are supported to pursue and attain student success. Compton College provides solutions to challenges, utilizes the latest techniques for preparing the workforce and provides clear pathways for completion of programs of study, transition to a university, and securing living-wage employment.


Sheri Berger
Vice President, Academic Affairs
310-900-1600 x2130

Nelson Shirota
Academic Affairs Analyst
310-900-1600 x2134

Maya Medina
Curriculum Analyst
310-900-1600 x2182

Elizabeth Monterroza Perez
Senior Administrative Assistant
310-900-1600 x2133

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