Innovation Experience Subcommittee

Innovation Experience Subcommittee (IxS)

On May 19, 2021, the Compton College Technology Committee voted affirmatively to adopt the informal Technology Experience work group as the official Innovation Experience Subcommittee (IxS) under its oversight. The IxS was established to link interests in virtual and augmented reality as they surfaced from various areas of the campus community. Sparked by student technology enthusiast Davionte Morrow and supported by Student Activities Coordinator, Christopher Perez, the group became a formal entity when like minds found each other during a virtual campus discussion. These discussions led to more formal bi-weekly conversations on the possibility of creating campus environments for students to explore virtual reality (VR) through an extra-curricular, academic, and professional or essential skills lens. 

In the Spring of 2021, the Workforce Development department introduced Machine Tool Technology, Automotive, and Air Conditioning faculty to TRANSFR, Incorporated. With a virtual career exploration module and a Virtual Training Facility to simulate the type of training that takes place in a physical training facility, they set off to complement career education programs that couldn't provide students with increased hands-on instruction during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although encouraged by the Transfr software and Oculus VR based equipment, the IxS conversations transitioned to purchasing and managing their own campus-based equipment to be stored and utilized in three sites across the campus, the Student Lounge vicinity, the Library/Tutorial area, and in the Vocational Technology building. 

We look forward to elevating the awareness and connectedness of Compton College students, faculty and staff through this new form of digital interaction and immersion.

The Innovation Experience Subcommittee Chairs,

Davionte Morrow, Lynn Chung, Christopher Perez, and Lynell Wiggins



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