Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee

Statement of Purpose:

To coordinate campus-wide capital construction and long-range planning in conjunction with local, state and bond funding and to monitor campuswide facilities maintenance and operations, and prioritization of deferred maintenance.

Current Goals:

To assist in providing a clean and safe environment for the campus community.

Meeting Dates and Location:

Fourth Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m., via Zoom

Agendas & Minutes

Facilities Committee Members:

Members Email Representation
Linda Owens Jackson lowens@compton.edu Co-Chair
Mandeda Uch much@compton.edu Co-Chair
Alicia Zambrano azambrano@compton.edu Classified Representative 
Corina Diaz cdiaz3@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Cheryl Threadgill cthreadgill@compton.edu Faculty Representative 
Timothy Harrison tharrison@compton.edu Management Representative
Shannon Williams swilliams@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Vacant   Student Representation
Michelle McFadden mmcfadden@compton.edu Staff Assistance


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