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Benson AtkinsCompton College student Benson Atkins is currently serving as the 2020-2021 student trustee for the Compton Community College District (CCCD). As the student trustee, Atkins attends all Board meetings, discusses student-related issues, and receives all materials presented to the members of the CCCD Board of Trustees, except for closed session issues. It is also the student trustee's responsibility to make regular reports to the Associated Student Body and at other public forums held on behalf of Compton College students as it relates to the business of the District. "As the new student trustee, I want students to know they have someone they can trust—someone who understands their interests and needs." Atkins said.

Atkins wanted to serve as the Compton College Student Trustee to support students' voices being heard and communicate their needs effectively to the board. His goal is to "share all information that he learns from fellow students and encourage them to attend open board meetings to get involved."

A non-traditional student, Atkins graduated from Crenshaw High School in 1988. He is an administration of justice major and would like to transfer to either the University of Southern California or a California State University campus once he earns his associate degree at Compton College. Atkins got his start in student government years ago as a chairperson for the Black Caucus of the California Community Colleges, and is currently serving as the group's treasurer. He has been involved with several other leadership, volunteer, and community programs, including serving as the Compton College Associated Student Body commissioner of classes and curriculum during the 2019-2020 academic year. Atkins also spent time working for the Los Angeles Unified School District as a campus police aide. He is interested in a future career with a school police department.

According to Atkins, the college's Associated Student Body (ASB) Council is important because it affords students the opportunity to start learning about leadership, meet new friends, and help others by addressing important student issues. In addition to his involvement with ASB, Atkins has used many student support programs and resources at Compton College. The service that has helped him the most is the Special Resource Center (SRC), which assists students with disabilities by providing equal access to all educational programs and activities on campus so they can reach their full potential. "The SRC made me aware of more student services available on campus, as well as providing referrals to vital resources." said Atkins. "And, once classes shifted to fully online last semester, the SRC provided me with counseling services that are especially helpful."

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