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Professional Development

We are committed to making Compton College a compelling, enriching institution that supports the development of knowledge and skills that contribute to student success. Our professional development program is designed to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the faculty, classified staff, and administrators.

Aligning with the  2019-2020 Compton College Goals objective to "Create a stronger sense of connection among employees and students and the college.", professional development enables faculty to improve their instruction, administrators to increase leadership effectiveness, and classified staff to deliver pathways towards student success.

Training & Mentoring Opportunities
Vision Resource Center VRC- Faculty, Classified Staff, and Administrators
Leadership Institute for Tomorrow LIFT- Classified Staff


Upcoming Events
Classified Professional Development Day- June 4, 2020.

Contact Information

Pilar Huffman
Professional Development Manager
(310) 900-1600 ext. 2142

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