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Compton College / Student Success


Tre Willingham

Tre Willingham, the former Compton College STEM Club president graduated with multiple associate of science degrees in spring of 2021 and will continue his studies as a physics major at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona this fall.

Jessica Ramos Student Spotlight

Jessica Ramos graduated from Compton College with an associate degree and was accepted to California State University, Dominguez Hills to major in business administration.

Enid Wright

Enid Jai Wright graduated from Compton College in spring 2021 and was honored to be selected as the student speaker for the Commencement Ceremony.

Irma Leyva

Compton College alumna Irma Leyva is currently applying to master's programs at the California State University campuses in Dominguez Hills and Long Beach. She is considering a career as a social worker or a psychotherapy counselor.


Queen Ashonti Juarez Ward

Compton College student Queen Ashonti Juarez Ward has not let the many barriers and setbacks she has faced in her past stop her from achieving her life goals.

Steve Hsin

Steve Hsin is a non-traditional student that began his educational journey at Compton College in 2019.

Anthony Onwuegbuzia Student Success

Compton College sociology major Anthony Onwuegbuzia is one of only 27 students accepted in fall 2018 to the Community College to PhD (CC2PhD) Scholars program sponsored by a UCLA association.



Benson Atkins

Compton College student Benson Atkins is currently serving as the 2020-2021 student trustee for the Compton Community College District (CCCD).

Jonathan Minero Student Spotlight

Jonathan Minero enrolled at Compton College to turn his passion into a career after working for several years following his graduation from high school.

Jonathan Riptoe

Compton College 2020 graduate Jonathon Riptoe was selected as the student speaker for the college's 2020 Commencement Ceremony.

Zoe and Airelle Hernandez

Twin sisters Arielle and Zoe Hernandez are 2020 Compton College graduates with a passion for designing characters like those that appear in video games or animated shows.


Erik Aparico

Los Angeles resident Erik Aparicio graduated from Compton College with an associate degree in June 2020 and transfer to a local four-year university in fall 2020 to major in electrical engineering.

Daniel Astorga

Compton College turned out to be the best place for Daniel Astorga to pursue his academic goals; he is now headed toward a career in medicine.

Oscar Miguel Gomez

Oscar Miguel Gomez has aspirations to become an astronaut and Compton College is giving him the educational foundation to follow his career dreams.

Majesty Goodlow

Compton High School 2019 graduate Majesty Goodlow is currently attending Compton College nearly free from cost through the Oliver W. Conner College Promise Program.


Jamie Alvarez

Jamie Alvarez knows she has potential and does not let the barriers she has faced stop her from shooting for the stars, literally.

Amy Snyder

Amy Snyder is a 2019 recipient of the Ophelia Scott Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to full-time nursing students who are entering their second semester of the Nursing Program with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Amy Torres

Amy Torres is a non-traditional student who was looking for a short-term solution leading to a better-paying career. While she had started college many years ago, family obligations required her to interrupt her education to enter the workforce.

Yesenia Duarte

Yesenia Duarte is a 2019 Compton College graduate who transferred to California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) this fall as a chemistry major. She is interested in possibly pursuing a career as a forensic scientist.


Xavier Francisco Gutiérrez

Xavier Francisco Gutierrez graduated from Compton College in June 2019 with several associate degrees.

Brenda Rodriguez-Juarez

Brenda Rodriguez-Juarez graduated with an associate degree in June 2019 and is transferring to the UCLA this fall.

Faith Minor

Faith Minor graduated with an associate degree in June 2018 and was selected as the student speaker for the 2018 Commencement Ceremony.

Ivan Vazquez

Ivan Vasquez graduated in June 2018, earning his associate degree in only three semesters while spending a good deal of that time on the Tartar soccer field


Ana Ruiz Bonaparte

Ana Ruiz Bonaparte is a 2019 Compton College Presidential Scholar. She is a student at the Compton Early College High School.

Armida Ramirez

Armida Ramirez is a 2019 Compton College Presidential Scholar. She graduated with an associate degree in June 2019.

Stephanie Arely Zacatares

Stephanie Arely Zacatares is a 2019 Compton College Presidential Scholar. She graduated fromCompton College with an associate degree in June 2019.

Ted Somers

Ted Somers graduated with an associate degree for transfer in June 2019 with plans to transfer to a local four-year university to pursue a double major in psychology and behavioral science.


Alejandro Trujillo

Alejandro Trujillo
Compton native Alejandro Trujillo is a bright and thoughtful man who has had more than his share of adversity in his life.

Carlos Ornelas

Carlos Ornelas
Once Ornelas, a single father, made the decision to return to school, he jumped in with both feet.

Carolyn Scott

Carolyn Scott
Carolyn Scott took advantage of her strong educational foundation to return to school to pursue a master's degree after more than a decade in the workforce.

Jannice Gamble

Jannice Gamble
Jannice Gamble was honored to serve as the student speaker for the 2015 Commencement Ceremony at El Camino College Compton Center.


Justin Medrano

Justin Medrano
The political science major, and legal studies minor, plans to one day attend law school.

Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty
When asked what advice he would give to new students at El Camino College Compton Center, Michael Daugherty simply said, "Anything is possible!"

Terrance Stewart

Terrance Stewart
The day that Terrance Stewart enrolled at El Camino College Compton Center was a day that would change the course of his life for the better.

 Tywanna Davis

Tywanna Davis
Math anxiety had plagued Tywanna Davis since she was in the third grade. By the time she was a young adult, she had convinced herself that her lack of math skills would hold her back from earning a college degree.

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