Welcome to the fall 2014 semester! We hope everyone had a productive summer and are ready to help students focus on the future. We are certain 2014-15 will be another successful year for El Camino College Compton Center students.

As the fall semester begins, let’s reflect on some of the students’ accomplishments achieved in the last few years. We are pleased to see that the number of degrees and certificates being awarded at ECC Compton Center is steadily increasing. The class of 2014 included 373 students who met the requirements for an associate degree and 82 students who received certificates! In the past five years (2008-09 to 2012-13), ECC Compton Center reported significant increases, with degrees up by 88 percent and certificates up by 263 percent.

The number of students transferring to four-year universities has also increased. At ECC Compton Center, the number of transfers increased more than 300 percent over the past five years.

The Student Success Initiative is an important issue for all community colleges – it essentially sets parameters for students to get into college and then make demonstrated progress. The priority registration process ECC Compton Center began offering a few years ago has been instrumental in helping many students achieve educational success. Beginning with fall 2015, students will be required to complete orientation, assessment and an educational plan prior to being allowed to register. Efforts from all of us in guiding students through these important steps are integral to student success.

Also essential to student success is providing an environment conducive to learning. As you are aware, Compton Community College District will have a facilities bond measure on the November 4, 2014 ballot. If approved by voters, Measure C will provide funds that will allow the Compton Community College District to upgrade classrooms, labs, infrastructure, and instructional equipment, while making much-needed health and safety repairs, and energy efficiency improvements.

We appreciate and welcome your assistance in the public awareness/informational efforts. Please visit the new Measure C Web page: district.compton.edu/measure-c, which contains comprehensive information about Measure C. The Web page will be updated frequently, so please check back for new information throughout the months of September and October.

The cost of Measure C would be $25/year
per $100,000 assessed – not market – property value.

You may share the information included on the Web page about Measure C as an employee of the District. Remember, all campaign efforts requesting support of Measure C must be conducted on your personal time and via personal devices.

As always, thank you all for what you do to help El Camino College Compton Center students achieve academic success – because – Every Student is a Success Story.

CEO, Compton Community College District

Vice President, ECC Compton Center

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