Associated Student Body Officers Gain Leadership and Government Experience

Compton College students elect their Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers annually and the college is pleased to introduce the ASB officers for the 2017-18 academic year. Through weekly meetings that are open to all students, the elected officers coordinate student activities, determine how ASB funds will be allocated, and represent student views on important Compton College issues.

In conjunction with the Office of Student Life, several special programs are sponsored annually by the ASB including Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, Women's History Month, Cesar Chavez Day observance, a new Asian and Pacific Islanders Awareness Week, Academic Awards Tea, and the ASB Awards Banquet.

Compton College's 2017-18 elected ASB Officers are:
President: Alexys Quero
Vice President: Cynthya P. Longoria
Secretary: Ana Cortez
Treasurer: Joandra Aquino
Commissioner of Activities: Stephanie Zacatares
Commissioner of Athletics: Queen Juarez-Ward
Commissioner of Classes & Curriculum: Joanan Montezuma
Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations: Giselle Renderos
Commissioner of Environment: Nancy Bernal
Commissioner of Financial Aid: Ana Ceja Magdalano
Commissioner of Public Relations: Alexus Caliz
Student Trustee: Joshua Ramos

ASB President Alexys Quero ran for an ASB office because he wanted to expand his leadership skills and help increase student involvement on campus. "I hope to encourage Compton College students to become more engaged in the cultural, educational and social activities ASB has planned this year," says Quero, who is a 2015 graduate of Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School and grew up in South Central Los Angeles.

He is majoring in political science and is considering a potential career as an activist or lobbyist because he wants to "influence public policy and legislation to positively accommodate a wider segment of the population." Quero plans to graduate from Compton College with an associate degree in fall 2018 and then transfer to a four-year university. He is especially interested in attending a University of California campus in Northern California and plans to attend Compton College's tour of those universities during the spring 2018 semester.

Elected ASB officers Quero and Student Trustee Joshua Ramos, and student member of the campus Icebreakers Club Efren Ruiz, had the opportunity to represent Compton College at the Men of Color Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland in October. "The conference was mostly attended by east coast colleges with Compton College being one of the few representing the west coast, which gave us an opportunity for networking, sharing of ideas, and learning about regional similarities and differences," said Quero. Topics covered during the conference included building self image, financial literacy, student advocacy, as well as breakout sessions where groups worked on a case study project together related to a variety of issues many college students face today including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), transgender sensitivity, food insecurities, and more.

Quero and Ramos have been invited by Compton College's Director of Student Equity Bailey Smith to be facilitators for breakout sessions at the annual Student Success Summit next spring. They will share some of the knowledge they gained at the Men of Color Leadership Conference with their fellow Compton College students.

ASB elections take place each year during the spring semester. Compton College students interested in gaining valuable leadership experience are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Life, located in Room R- 61 (next to the Bookstore). The eligibility requirements to hold an ASB office include enrollment in 10 class hours per week, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and completion of fewer than 70 units.

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