El Camino College/Compton College Transition

Last fall, Compton College began the planning and implementation needed to transition the programs, processes and systems to separate from El Camino College to an independent college under the authority of Compton Community College District. This process will take some time, and the El Camino College/Compton College Transition Committee meets monthly to work on implementing items cited in the Partnership Transition Plan document, which is an internal planning document for the transition. The next El Camino College/Compton College Transition committee meeting is scheduled for January 23 at 2:30 p.m. in the Compton College Boardroom.

The most important decision related to the transition that needs to be made immediately is the purchase of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Compton College. Compton College is working with Strata Information Group on a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System/Student Information System (SIS) for Compton College.

The ERP System/SIS are needed for student information/registration, Human Resources, and for all related financial items. The deadline to submit proposals was November 22, 2017. Responses to the ERP/SIS RFP were received from two vendors: Ellucian and Campus Management. Ellucian presented their Banner system the week of December 4, 2017. Campus Management is scheduled to present their product January 17-19, 2018.

The purchase of the ERP System/SIS is a key component Compton College needs to implement before separation from El Camino College. The next step in the process is to present a recommendation on the selected Compton College ERP System/SIS to the Compton District Board of Trustees at a special board meeting on January 30, 2018.

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