Transfer Pathway Partnership with Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Photo of Transfer Pathway Partnership signing ceremony

The Compton Community College District and Charles R. Drew University have entered into a multifaceted partnership designed to benefit Compton College students and faculty. The exciting new partnership includes a transfer pathway program for students interested in preparing for careers in biomedical science fields. In addition to helping students transfer more easily, the partnership will provide expanded opportunities in the areas of academic collaboration, teaching, faculty advancement and professional development, institutional management and research.

The two institutions of higher learning made the partnership official at a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony on Nov. 29, 2017 at Charles R. Drew University in Los Angeles.

"As the 114th California Community College, we are proud of quality academic and student resource programs we provide to the community," said Keith Curry, president of Compton College and CEO of the Compton Community College District. "It's all about leveraging relationships for a greater good and this partnership with Charles R. Drew University marks a significant milestone for Compton College. It will help us leverage the talents and resources of both institutions as a way to help transform the economic, cultural and social environments of the communities we serve."

To increase access to quality medical education for traditionally underserved populations in the greater Los Angeles area, this partnership is being established to:

  • Create a transfer pathway for Compton College students to complete their undergraduate education at Charles R. Drew University.
  • Provide a framework for student exchange, and collaboration among faculty and staff of both Charles R. Drew University and Compton College.
  • Share resources and exchange information related to developments in teaching, student success, institutional management, and research activities.
  • Establish a platform for the exploration and promotion of other intellectual and academic activities and ventures of mutual interest to both institutions.

"We're very excited to enter into this partnership with the Compton Community College District," said CDU President and CEO David M. Carlisle. "We share the same values and the same community roots, so it's a great fit. Our formal relationships with many of the local school districts and community colleges that serve South Los Angeles enable us to fulfill our mission to increase access to high-quality health professions education to students from underserved and under-resourced communities."

This partnership comes at a perfect time to help replenish the supply of qualified health care providers needed in the workforce. "Compton College has a strong nursing and biomedical science program and a new state-of-the-art Allied Health Building complete with a hospital simulation lab that opened in January 2016," says Curry. "We hope this partnership will inspire a new generation of leaders in nursing and other medical professions, as well as increase enrollment at our institutions."

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