Welcome to The Messenger

We are excited to introduce The Messenger—the redesigned online newsletter for faculty and staff at El Camino College Compton Center! The Messenger combines the CEO Message and Center News into one comprehensive source for news and information.

The new name selection was based on finding an identity for the publication that had some longevity, but also fit with the tradition of the institution. Without using the official mascot name, the Tartar, we found a fitting name in “The Messenger.” The word “Tartar” has language origins with one definition that can mean “a mounted courier or messenger.”

The Tartar mascot has not changed since it was established circa 1927. The Tartars (or Tatars) were a Turkic-speaking group of people that first appeared as early as the 5th century in Mongolia. They were known has fierce and mighty warriors.

So with a nod to tradition and longevity—welcome to The Messenger! As we continue to archive the news and significant accomplishments of this institution, we hope you enjoy reading about the happenings at El Camino College Compton Center and the Compton Community College District. We are all part of facilitating every student’s success story!

CEO, Compton Community College District

Vice President, ECC Compton Center

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