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Supplemental Instruction (SI) was developed in 1973, at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC), as an academic assistance program aimed at increasing student performance and retention levels in courses that have been identified as historically difficult for students. Classes that participate in the SI Program offer students assistance from the onset of the course. SI sessions are moderated by a trained SI coach and held twice a week, on a regular basis, which allow students the opportunity to engage in a peer-assisted collaborative learning environment. Attendance at these sessions is voluntary and any student enrolled in a course of similar subject matter is encouraged to attend.


Adopted in 2009 El Camino College Compton Center has employed the use of the SI program in a variety of classes. These courses include but are not limited to English, Math, Chemistry, and ESL classes. By targeting courses rather than students, the SI program reduces the remedial stigma that can become synonymous with some courses. The goal being to increase retention and success rates for SI courses at El Camino College Compton Center.

Students are supported throughout the duration of their SI experience by both faculty and staff. Critical to the outcome of student success are the SI Coaches. SI Coaches set the standard for the model student. They are students themselves who have previously taken the course they coach and passed with a B or better. SI Coaches are well versed in a variety of learning and study strategies and integrate how to learn with what to learn during the SI sessions. Through this model and the standards set forth by the UMKC, SI Coaches are able to foster an environment that empowers students to become confident in their skills as independent learners.



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