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Compton College / Guided Pathway Divisions / Health and Public Services / Nursing / Compton College - Nursing - Entrance Requirements


Prospective nursing students must complete the following steps in order to obtain an application for admission:

  • Complete the requirements for admission to the college.
  • Graduate from high school or earn a passing score on the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or have earned an associate (AA) or higher degree.
  • Attend an INFORMATION SESSION: These sessions are for students who are close to or ready to apply.  Attendance of a nursing information session within 1 year of application is a requirement to apply to the Compton College Associate Degree Nursing program.
  • Meet with a Nursing Counselor and obtain the "Verification of Eligibility" package
  • Completed N144(N48) Dosage Calculations and N143(N145) Introduction and Preparation for Nursing (generic student only)
  • Provide proof of a valid social security or tax identification number to the nursing counselor prior to receiving a verification of eligibility documentation for admission consideration into the nursing program.

To obtain an application, you will need to submit the "Verification of Eligibility" package to the Nursing Department

ADN Program Nursing Verification of Eligibility appointments for the Fall 2022 admission cycle are made during the March 7, 2022 through March 24, 2022 appointment window.  Applicants must have met all ADN Program requirements to schedule an appointment with our nursing counseling specialist.  Please be sure to RSVP to the upcoming Nursing Information Session for additional up to date information.  You may also make an appointment with any of our Compton College counselors to gain valuable information regarding our nursing programs.

Applications are obtained from the nursing department, once an individual has been deemed eligible for admission consideration and receive a "Verification of Eligibility" package from the nursing counselor has been received.  Applications will not be accepted on weekends or holidays. No late or misdirected forms will be accepted. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Once a student is accepted into the nursing program, there will be specific deadlines for paperwork and testing that will have to be met in order to be cleared to register for classes.


Prior to admission consideration, potential applicants are required to take and pass the Readiness Assessment Test. The Readiness Assessment Test at Compton College is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) examination. This diagnostic test covers Basic Math, English, Reading, and Science in addition to meeting the outlined prerequisites requirements. Potential candidates will be INVITED to take the TEAS examination. For more information on the TEAS test, or to purchase a study guide, log onto https://www.atitesting.com/home.aspx.

The ADN Program Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI) Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) VI admission examination has been replaced with the ATI TEAS VII. 

The nursing program will no longer accept TEAS Version VI as the admission examination.  All prospective ADN Program applicants for the Spring 2023 application cycle and beyond must take the ATI TEAS VII exam.  No EXCEPTIONS. Eligible applicants to Compton College’s ADN Program are scheduled for the proctored TEAS VII exam here at the college at no cost to the applicant. It is highly recommended that you study with a TEAS textbook for the English, Science Math, and Reading Comprehension assessments in the TEAS VII exam. Once scheduled for the TEAS VII exam, please do not bring your own calculator as a calculator is embedded within the online version of the ATI TEAS exam. Applicants who are unsuccessful in meeting the 62% TEAS exam score passing benchmark are required to complete a TEAS Remediation Plan here at the college and must re-apply to the ADN Program for a subsequent application cycle. 

Individuals scheduled to take the TEAS examination must present a government-issued ID (California Driver's License, California identification Card or United States Passport) with a current photograph, examinee's signature, and examinee's permanent address at the time of the exam.

The following examinee information will be confirmed prior to testing:

  • Exact name match. First name, middle initial (if applicable), last name, spelling matches government-issued ID. 
    Photograph ID match. Verified positive match to presented ID's current photograph.
  • Students requiring "Special accommodations" will need to obtain supporting documentation from Special Resource Services.
  • Supportive documentation must be submitted to the Nursing Department office when submitting your application for admission consideration.


Transfer students are considered students who have been in another nursing program. Credit for nursing courses completed at another college will be evaluated on an individual basis by the director of Nursing or the director's designee. Credit can be achieved through the petition process as well. Students interested in applying for admission consideration to the Compton College associate degree nursing program as a transfer student will not be accepted beyond the second semester.

Students interested in transferring to Compton College must meet all admission criteria to be eligible to enter the nursing program. Potential candidates will need to submit an Appeal for Admission Application for admission consideration; the package is available in the Nursing Department Office.  

The Admission, Transfer and Progression (ATP) committee will evaluate your application to determine eligibility. Potential candidates must have complete N48 Dosage Calculation course at Compton College to be eligible for admission consideration. In addition you must have attended an information session within 1 year of seeking to transfer to the Compton College ADN program. Transfer students are admitted into the nursing program on space availability basis.

The Director of Nursing will be responsible for evaluation the semester in which you are admitted to the program. After the appeals application has been approved by the ATP committee, eligible individuals approved for admission will be required to enroll and complete NURS 149 - Advanced Placement in Nursing with a "C" or better, before transferring into the semester in which the candidates has been approved.


Students must apply for re-acceptance into the nursing program within one (1) year of the exit date. The student who is absent from the program in excess of one (1) year will be considered "inactive" and placed on "inactive status". To return to an "active status" the student must successfully complete competency review of content/skills from the last successfully completed course. The competency review will be given in the skills lab. If the student fails the skills competency review he or she may elect to repeat the last course passed. A clinical evaluation for students returning or transferring into a medical surgical course may also be required.

In addition to passing a competency review, the student must complete any individualized remediation that has been prescribed by the instructor or nursing department. The remediation prescribed will be based on the needs of the student as identified by both the student and instructor. The instructor will then propose to the Program Director a plan of remedial activities for the student. These individually planned activities must be successfully completed by the student prior to seeking re-entry to the nursing program. Proof of successful completion of the remediation will be needed prior to readmission to the program. Students who stop-out will be given re-entry priority over students who drop-out. Re-entry will be on a space-available basis.


"The student must apply for readmission within one (1) year from the semester that she/he withdrew. If a student had to withdraw due to unsatisfactory theory or clinical competence, the remediation prescribed will be based on the identified needs of the student. The faculty involved will propose a plan for clinical remediation of the student. Before seeking re-entry to the nursing program, the student must complete the prescribed individual activities. Proof of successful completion of the remediation will be required prior to readmission to the program. Students who stop-out will be given re-entry priority over students who drop-out. Re-entry will be on a space- available basis."

The deadline to submit an appeal is  March 23, 2022 and May 18, 2022.  Appeals packets are available in the Counseling Office (Administration Building). Ask for Dr. E. French-Preston.

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