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Compton College / Guided Pathway Divisions / Health and Public Services / Nursing / Nursing 30 (29.5) UNIT OPTION

30 (29.5) UNIT OPTION

First Semester:

Nursing 146: Health Assessment                                                                2.0 units

Nursing 149: Prep Advanced Placement in Nursing                                2.5 units               

Nursing 230: Mental Health                                                                          3.5 units 

Nursing 238 Skills Practicum II                                                                     0.5 units


Second Semester:

Nursing 242: Intermediate Medical-Surgical Nursing II                           4.5 units

Nursing 244 Skills Practicum III                                                                   0.5 units

Third Semester:

Nursing 247:  Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 1                                  5.0 Units

Nursing 248:   Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing II Preceptorship       2.0 units

The following courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better in order to be eligible to apply: 

  1. Human Physiology 131
  2. Microbiology 133

Applicants with a combined total of more than one (1) repeat in Physiology, or Microbiology will be considered ineligible. Grades of C, D or F are considered repeats.

Physiology and Microbiology must be completed within the last 7 years to the date of the application. Science courses older than 7 years must be repeated. These courses must include labs and total 14 semester units (or 21 quarter units).

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