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Vocational English as a Second Language

Learn English While Preparing for a Career

Learn English while mastering new career skills! Compton College's Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) Program not only teaches the fundamentals of the English language, but helps non-English speakers learn the language in the context of the workplace. Compton College offers four non-credit VESL programs:

Personal Care Attendant

  • Learn English while being trained in the basics of becoming a personal care attendant. As a personal care attendant, you can work as an in-home healthcare worker, home health aide (HHA), or nursing assistant. Personal care assistants often help elderly, mentally or physically disabled patients manage everyday tasks.

ESL for Childhood Education

  • In this program, you will learn English while getting trained to teach English to young children in a classroom setting. Pass along your English skills to future generations by supporting young children's language development, especially those whose first language is not English.

Basic Career Training

  • In addition to learning English, this program will prepare you for a variety of career skills, such as customer service, bookkeeping, office work, and more. Students who complete this program can enter a variety of fields.

Apple Swift Coding

  • In partnership with Apple, this English-language program trains you to design IOS apps that are fully functional and learn how to code using Apple Swift (Xcode). Learn English and land a high-paying job upon completion!
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How can I apply?

Becoming a Compton College student starts by filling out a free online application. After that, there are a few simple steps to follow before it's time to enroll in classes.

What are the steps to enrollment?

Click here for all the details you need to apply for VESL programs and learn English and understand your options for citizenship, employment, and more. Need more help? Click here for our virtual program guides.

What courses are offered?

The college offers a variety of tiered levels (1, 2, 3, and 4) based on understanding and comprehension. Check out the class schedule to find out which tier is the best fit for you in the program you want.

  • Generic Associate of Science Degree (LVN): 45 units
  • Upward Mobility Associate of Science Degree (LVN to RN): Completion of LVN program plus 33 units

How much does this program cost?

All VESL programs are free!

How long is the program?

Length varies depending on English language comprehension and which VESL program you are pursuing.

Why choose Compton College?

Compton College is a great value for students looking to make a change or enhance their career and get experience for in-demand, high-paying jobs. Our diverse programs, affordable fees, and outstanding student services are here to support your career goals. The VESL Program teaches you English and prepares you for a career that is stable and high-paying.

Who are the program contacts?

Lakeisha Wright
Student Services Advisor
Fine Arts, Communications and Humanities (FACH)
Office: Welcome Center D-26

"I have had extraordinary advisors and counselors at Compton College that have motivated me to transfer. Thanks to Compton College, I can now say that I have a brighter future in academia and a strong support system that is rooting in my favor."
Stephanie Arely Zacatares, Compton College student


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