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History 101 Online FIRST EIGHT WEEKS SECTION #9486

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Professor Saul Panski

History 101: United States History to 1877 ONLINE


Course Information:

EIGHT WEEK COURSE 8/29/10- 10/23/10

OFFICE PHONE: (310) 900-1600, Ext. 2560

Before the session begins you should read the Student Handbook for Online Courses for Fall 2010. It can be found on the Distance Education link at the Compton Center website ( . It is also available in the Distance Education Office located in Room G-38 on the Compton campus.


Course information—including announcements, assignments, and examinations-- will be available online, on the El Camino distance education course management system called Etudes. You will need to familiarize yourself with how to access the Etudes system to complete this course and will need to have access to a computer that is compatible with this course management system. For help in logging on to Etudes go to the Distance Education link on the Compton Center web page.

Log-in instructions are also included in this syllabus. If you are unable to log on successfully, contact the Distance Education Office at 310 900-1600, ext. 2137 or stop by the Distance Education Office in Room G-38 on the Compton campus.

All assignments –and timelines for electronic submission--will be found on this site and online exams will be administered on this site on specified dates and at specified times, as listed in this syllabus below.

Students will also be expected to participate in online discussions on Etudes and will find essential information needed to prepare for exams there as well.

Often, the instructor will also post announcements or send private messages to the entire class or individual students. These announcements and messages will be accessible on Etudes. You will also receive notice of an announcement/message at your El Camino email address. Be sure that you are familiar with your MyECC email address and access it on a regular basis.

Course Policies:



History 101 is a Credit/Degree applicable course and the grade is based on points earned from the following:

Video Summaries
27% of grade 130 points

These summaries should be submitted online via the Etudes “Assignments, Tests, and Surveys” link. If you have a problem accessing Etudes when assignments are due, you can send summaries to me as attachments at my regular email address at Each video summary should be distinguished by clear, separate headings. Do NOT combine summaries that are part of the same assignment.

Class discussion: 31% of grade 155 points

You will be asked to post online ,via the Etudes “Discussion and Private Message,” link link:  an introductory comment telling the class a little bit about yourself online  This will indicate to me that you have successfully accessed and understand how to use Etudes.   Students who fail to do so will be dropped from the class as "no shows"  on  Friday, September 3, 2010.   The introduction will be worth 5 points. 

Subsequently you are to post 2) two comments for each discussion topic, the first responding to the listed questions and the second to student comments. Participation for each discussion topic will be worth up to 10 points . There will be discussion questions posted for each chapter of the textbook. 

Midterm exam 21% of grade 100 points
Chapters 1-8 of the textbook and Video Lessons 1-13
MIDTERM EXAMINATION  September 23-24, 2010

Final Examination 23% of grade 100 points
Chapters 9-15 of the textbook and Video Lessons 14-26
FINAL EXAMINATION  October 21-22,2010

The Midterm and Final Examinations will be timed. Students will have three and a half hours to complete the exams online. They will focus on the KEY TERMS found in the Etudes “Modules” links and will consist of matching, true-false, and fill -in -the -blank questions. Most will be linked directly to your textbook readings. However, there will also be some questions linked to the video lessons.

Total possible points= 485 points

375 -485 points= A
350-374 points=B
310-349 points=C
270-309 points=D

Download syllabus for History 101 Online


Assignments and exams will be administered and turned in online. Students will also be expected to participate in online discussions. Assignments and discussion contributions must be submitted by the specified deadlines listed on Etudes. Exams must be taken online on and at the prescribed dates and times.

Students will be evaluated and assessed to demonstrate understanding of subject matter through the following activities:

A. Video lesson written summaries requiring critical thinking skills and knowledge of subject content.
B. Multiple choice, true-false, and matching online examinations
C. Participation in class discussions related to each chapter of the textbook.

Due dates for summaries of Video lessons 1-13 will be found on Etudes. Due dates for contributions to discussions on Chapters 1-8 will be found on Etudes as well. This material will be covered in the Midterm Examination and parallels the material in the textbook and videos

Due dates for summaries of Video lessons 14-26 will be found on Etudes. Due dates for contributions to discussions on Chapters 9-15 will be found on Etudes as well. This material will be covered in the Final Examination and parallels the material in the textbook and videos.


Course Material:

Textbook: (Mandatory) Print or E-Book

The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, Volume 1, 6th Edition by Brinkley, Alan Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education Print ISBN-13: 978-0-07-728635-4.

The book is available at the Bookstore on the Compton campus.
You can also order online from the ECC bookstore at

You may wish to consider purchasing an e-book version of the text from an organization called Coursesmart ( e-text ISBN-13: 978-0-07-731957-1

DVD Video lessons
: (Mandatory)

DVD set of 26 video lessons, entitled “The Unfinished Nation, Part 1: Early Colonization to Reconstruction (to 1877)."

Online Resources:

Etudes Gateway: http:/myetudes.orgl
(If you need help logging in, please see the syllabus or click here.)