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ART I:  Art and Visual Culture in Modern Life, ONLINE Version

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ART I:  Art and Visual Culture in Modern Life, ONLINE version

This course is a global survey of art and visual culture from different historical periods. Students acquire analytical and interpretive skills and develop a basic understanding of the role of art and visual culture in human history.


Recommended: Eligibility for English 1A 


Recommended for first-time online students: Strategies for Success in Distance Education (Academic Strategies 60). This is a 1-unit online course designed to help you to succeed in an online course.  Instructor: LaTonya Motley,


ORIENTATION: No face-to-face orientation required.

INSTRUCTOR EMAIL:  NOTE: Can only receive emails from an ECC email account!  Also, please only email instructor if without access to Etudes course site. Otherwise, contact instructor via Etudes Private Message in the "Discussion & Private Messages" Tool.

REQUIRED TEXT: Prebles' ARTFORMS, 10th edition. Patrick Frank

ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES: Students will be evaluated and assessed to demonstrate understanding of subject matter through the following activities:

A. Analytical papers: Midterm Paper:  A 1-2 page paper analyzing a work of art.  Final Paper: A 3-5 page paper comparing and contrasting two works of art.

B. Short essays, discussion forums, reflections, and other online learning activities requiring critical thinking skills and knowledge of subject content.

C. Quizzes designed to synthesize course content.

Click here to see an example of a Midterm Paper assignment.

Art I is a Credit/Degree applicable course and the grade is based on points earned from completed assignments, quizzes, written essays and other online learning activities. Assignments and quizzes will be given on a weekly basis. It is anticipated that there will be a minimum of two essay papers.

Final grades will be calculated using a point system.  Grades will be calculated using the following approximate percentages:
42.5% -- Midterm & Final
42.5% -- Assignments (this includes all assignments besides Midterm, Final & Quizzes)
15% -- Quizzes


Week 1: Introduction / The Nature of Art
Week 2: The Nature of Art / Awareness, Creativity & Communication
Week 3: Awareness, Creativity, and Communication / Visual Elements
Week 4: Visual Elements
Week 5: Visual Elements / Principles of Design
Week 6: Principles of Design
Week 7: Drawing
Week 8: Midterm
Week 9: Painting
Week 10: Printmaking
Week 11: Camera Arts & Digital Imaging
Week 12: Graphic Design
Week 13: Sculpture
Week 14: Clay, Glass, Metal, Wood, Fiber
Week 15: Architecture
Week 16: Final

Each week you will be responsible for completing the following:

* ARTFORMS reading assignment
* Quiz on reading material from previous week
* Two variable assignments related to the ARTFORMS reading material. These include writing prompts, Discussion Forums and external website-based assignments.


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