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Math 70 - 9932

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Math 70
 Dr. Jose M Villalobos, Ph.D.

Math 70 - Intermediate Algebra

Course Information:

Professor:  Dr Jose M Villalobos, Ph.D.

Class: Math70                                     Credit Hours: 5

Section: 9932

Date/Time:      Monday - Thursday     8:00A.M – 10:35A.M.

Location:         MS 210

Office:  MS 115          Phone:  (310) 900-1600x2424                       


Text:  Intermediate Algebra by Charles P. Mckeague, 8th Ed, Publisher: Thomson-Brooks/Cole

Prerequisite: Mathematics 40 or Mathematics 41B with a minimum grade of C in prerequisite or qualification by testing (El Camino College Mathematics Placement Test) and assessment

Catalog Description:

 This course consists of the study of the real number system; complex numbers; functions and their graphs' operations on polynomial, algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions; linear and quadratic equations and inequalities; algebraic, exponential and logarithmic equations; systems of equations; and applications.

Course Policies:

Grading Policy:

Students will be assessed through class participation, their performance on the exams, quizzes and assignments.  The completion of the assignments and activities will prepare you for each exam.  You are expected to complete each assignment by the next class meeting so that you are ready to ask questions in class.  You should see me for assistance as soon as an exercise is not understood, but not without first seriously attempting to do the problem on your own.  It is highly recommended that you also take advantage of the various tutoring services offered on campus. 

Grades:           Exams:                         400 points

                      Homework:                    50 points

                      Quizzes:                       100 points

                      Final Exam:                    200 points

                      Class Work:                   50 points

                     Total  Points:              700 points

Grading Scale:      A  90  - 100%  C  70 – 79%    under 60%

                         B  80  - 89%    60 – 69%