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English 1A

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English 1A - Reading and Composition

Course Information:

Lecture Meeting Days: M-F

Lecture Meeting Times: 7:45-10:20; 1/5-2/9/10

Meeting Room: M1


Required Texts:

Hacker, Diane.  Writer’s Reference.  6th Edition. Bedford/St. Martin’s.  ISBN# 0-312-45025-7

Milton, Paradise Lost

Nadell, Judith, Langan, John, and Comodromos, Eliza, The Longman Reader 8th Edition.


Optional Text Requirement: Dictionary & Thesaurus


Course Policies:

1. Participation                                                           360

                        In- Class Assignments                         110     

Class Discussion                                 140

                        Group Presentions                              110

2. Essays                                                         200


3.  Group Activity                                            100

4. Mid Term                                                    100


5. Portfolio                                                      200

                        Personal Statement (100)

                         Organization & Completion (100)

 6. Final                                                            200

                        Research Paper                                   150                 

Presentation                                         50


Grading Scale:

            A         1224-1360

            B         1088-1223

            C         952-1087

            D         816-951

            F          0-815



Syllabus/Syllabi for the course. Click here to download.

Writing Assignments:
Click here to download writing assignments.

1 – Weekly Reading Write Up – Due Every Friday

Within your group, you select a reading from the chapter.  Collectively, you will write and present a summary and the answers to the “Questions About the Writer’s Craft” to the class.

Personally, you need to choose one of the topics in the section titled “Writing Assignments Using Description as a Pattern of Development” to write a one page essay. 


2 – Shared Journal Writing

You will write in a journal that will be included in your portfolio.  Every Friday, you will write in your journal with a partner.  More description will be given in class.


3 – Essay #1 (2-3 pages)

Evaluate your two goals that you can actually accomplish within one year. Secondly, how do you believe you can accomplish this two goals?  In one page, write a plan on how you can accomplish your two goals.  Finally, in a 2-3 page essay describe the choice you are going to make or need to make in order to go through your plan to accomplish your goals. 

When you submit this essay, you will have one page that will be a step-by-step plan.  Secondly, your 2-3 page essay will not include the plan, rather it will describe the choices you will need to make to go through this plan.


4 – Essay #2 (3-4 pages)

Chose a character from Paradise Lost.  In a 3-4 page essay describe this character's personality, motives, and place within the world before the fall and after the fall.


5 – Essay #3/4  Personal Statements

Prompt #1 (transfer applicants)

What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field — such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities — and what you have gained from your involvement.

Prompt #2 (all applicants)

Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?



See Portfolio handout for details


6 – Research Paper (7-10 pages)

Your research paper will be comprised of the following parts:

-          Reflect on this semester: Describe your goals, how do you plan on accomplishing these goals, how has this course helped you accomplish these goals? (1-2 pages)

-           Select a person you can research that is in your field.  You need to describe how the person accomplished his/her goals by tracking his/her journey.  You need at least 5 sources (all cannot be Internet sources & Wikipedia is not accepted). (4 pages)

-          Reflect on this assignment.  What have you discovered through your research about your person that you can apply to your life? (1-2 pages)

-          Work Cited Page

Final Presentation:

-          You will present on each aspect that you discovered and covered within your research paper to the class.

-          You must include a visual of your choice.

-          Do not read your paper.


7 – Persuasive Activity

The class will be divided in half.  Each team needs to develop witnesses, attorney’s (opening and closing statement, questioning), create visuals, and anything else you need in order to present your case.  Your group will engage in either convincing or defending your character (Satan).

After reading Paradise Lost, it is evident there are many reasons why mankind ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  Adam could have stopped mankind from doom if he stood up to Eve or he could have forbidden Eve from working separately from him preventing Eve to be close to Satan.  On the other hand, Eve could have resisted Satan at all cost and stayed closer to Adam.  Even God could have removed the temptation of the Tree of Knowledge or created man to not have to chose to love Him.  Lastly, Satan talked Eve and convinced her to eat of the fruit.

These are just a few justifications for a starting point to defend or prosecute Satan.  Fundamentally, you want to build a very strong case based on nothing but textual evidence for each claim your team makes. 

It is important to note: there will be no cross examination amongst the groups.

In class, we will spend 2-3 days to present this case.

You can meet online and within class.  Every person must participate in order to receive credit for this exercise. 

Course Material:
Click here to download course calendar.


Personal Assessment

Course Introduction

Chapter One and Two of Nadell

Introduction to the Text

Nadell – Chapter 3, 4,

Milton -

Friday - Group Assignment Presentation – Chapter 3, 4 (Nadell) & One Page Assignments Due on each chapter (3, 4)


Nadell – Chapter 5, 6, 7


Friday – Group Assignment Presentation – Chapter 5, 6, 7 (Nadell) & One Page Assignments Due on each chapter (5, 6, 7)

Essay #1 Due Jan. 15, 2010


Mid-Term, January 19, 2010

Nadell – Chapter 8, 9

Milton -

Friday  Group Assignment Presentation – Chapter 8, 9 (Nadell) & One Page Assignments Due on each chapter (8, 9)

Personal Statement First Draft


Library Activity, January 25, 2010

Nadell – Chapter 10,11, 12

Milton -

Friday – Group Assignment Presentation – Chapter 10,11, 12 (Nadell) & One Page Assignments Due on Chapter 10, 11)

Essay #2 Due January 29, 2010


Persuasive Activity (Feb. 3,4,5)

Research Paper is due Feb. 5, 2010

Portfolio Due Feb. 5, 2010 – Personal Statement Final Draft on the CD 

Bibliography – Feb. 1, 2010


Final Presentations (Feb. 8-9)


Online Resources: