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Lesley  Asistio

Adjunct Theater Professor

Department: Theater
Guided Pathway Division: Fine Arts, Communications, and Humanities

Contact Information

(310) 900-1600


I am a third generation Pilipina American and the first of my family to origin to earn a 4-year college degree. I completed both my B.A. and M.A. in Theater Arts at Cal State L.A. and have worked on over 100 professional live theater productions. My teaching experience includes three years of substitute teaching, but my heart is with the dual enrollment scholars in the Compton area. I currently teach theater appreciation at Compton Early College and hope to become a full-time professor someday.


FUN FACT #1: I toured Europe as a member of the Spirit of America National Honor Band. I played the tuba.

FUN FACT #2: While I was pregnant with my daughter Glory, I modeled for the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center website.

FUN FACT #3: I won a brand new car and $3,700 on the game show,Let's Make a Deal.


  • B.A. in Theater Arts & Dance

  • M.A. in Theater Arts with emphasis in Theater for Women of Color

  • Also attended:

    • UCSB

    • UCLA Summer Sessions

    • Ventura College

    • L.A. Pierce College

    • LACC Theater Academy

    • CSU Summer Arts

    • Fresno Pacific University

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