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Compton College / Administrative Operations and Departments / Campus Committees / Health, Safety, and Parking Committee

Health, Safety and Parking Committee

Statement of Purpose:

To monitor and oversee an infrastructure of safety procedures and health/emergency measures on campus, and to prepare and implement the District's Health and Safety Plan.

Our Mission is to provide and maintain a safe campus environment through planning, training, education and dedication to improve safety for our students, visitors, faculty and staff.

Current Goals:

The goals of the Health, Safety and Parking Committee are as follows;

  1. Involve employees in safety and loss control management,
  2. Lower the frequency and severity of accidents and injuries,
  3. Maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors,
  4. Involve all employee participation in safety programs


Compton College Emergency Operations Plan

To view Compton College's Emergency Operations Plan please click here.

Meeting Dates and Location:

The third Wednesday of every month at 1:30 p.m. in the Public Safety Building.


Members Email Representation
Chief Marcus Thompson mthompson@compton.edu  Chair & Management Representative
Eyob Wallano  ewallano@comtpon.edu Vice Chair & Faculty Representative
Reuben James  rjames@compton.edu   Management Representative 
Heather Parnock hparnock@compton.edu Management Representative
Rachelle Sasser rsasser@compton.edu Management Representative
Jennifer Hill jhill@compton.edu Faculty Representative
David Maruyama dmaruyama@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Mindora Moldoveanu mmoldoveanu@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Janette Morales jmorales13@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Miguel Ornelas mornelas@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Holly Schumacher hschumacher@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Abdirashid Yahye ayahye@compton.edu Faculty Representative
Denise Blood dblood@compton.edu CCCFE - Classified Unit Representative
Nicole Gordon ngordon@compton.edu CCCFE - Classified Unit Representative
Felecia Hatten fhatten@compton.edu  CCCFE - Classified Unit Representative
Christopher Perez cperez@compton.edu CCCFE - Classified Unit Representative
Benson Atkins batkins@compton.edu  Associate Student Body Representative 
Armando Ruiz amruiz@compton.edu  Confidential Employee Representative 
Sandra Aparicio  saparicio@compton.edu Staff Assistance
Gregory Peterson gpeterson@compton.edu Staff Assistance
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