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College Curriculum Committee

Statement of Purpose:

The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) is responsible for the development and review of the college's curriculum and for ensuring that all curriculum meets local and state standards as outlined in the Chancellor's Office's Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH). The CCC is a standing committee of the Academic Senate as provided by the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 55002. Review of curriculum proposals is based upon state regulations, local requirements, and the mission and objectives of the college.

Meeting Schedule and Location:

The CCC meets regularly on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year from 2:00-3:30pm.

 Spring 2022

 Location: Online via Zoom

February 22, 2022 Meeting ID: 958 2680 5639
March 8, 2022 Meeting ID: 958 2680 5639
March 22, 2022 Meeting ID: 958 2680 5639
April 12, 2022 Meeting ID: 958 2680 5639
May 19, 2022 Meeting ID: 958 2680 5639
May 24, 2022 Meeting ID: 958 2680 5639

Curriculum Committee Membership

Voting Members Email Representation
Todd Kler tkler@compton.edu Business and Industrial Studies
Michael VanOverbeck mvanoverbeck@compton.edu Business and Industrial Studies 
Harvey Estrada hestrada@compton.edu Fine Arts, Communications and Humanities
Brittany Olayele bolayele@compton.edu Fine Arts, Communications and Humanities
Shay Brown sbrown@compton.edu Health and Public Services
Vacant   Health and Public Services
Hassan Elfarissi helfarissi@compton.edu Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Jose Martinez jmartinez@compton.edu Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Corina Diaz cdiaz@compton.edu Social Sciences
Hoa Pham hpham@compton.edu Social Sciences
Vacant   Counselor
Donald Roach droach@compton.edu Division Chair
Paul Flor pflor@compton.edu Division Dean
Vacant   Distance Education Faculty Coordinator
Charles Hobbs chobbs@compton.edu Librarian
 Amber Gillis agillis@compton.edu  Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator
Non-Voting Members Email Representation
Sheri Berger sberger@compton.edu Vice President, Academic Affairs/CIO
Maya Medina mmedina@compton.edu Curriculum Analyst
Melain McIntosh mmcintosh@compton.edu Articulation Officer
Sean Moore smoore@compton.edu Curriculum Committee Chair/Cosmetology
 Noemi Montorosso nmontorosso@compton.edu Academic Senate Secretary
 Genesis Batalla gbatalla@compton.edu Student Representative
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