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Compton College / Administrative Operations and Departments / Administrators


Main Line: 310-900-1600

Name Position Extension
Aldrich, Christine Director, EOPS/CARE 2917
Perez, Barb Activing Vice President, Human Resources 2400
Alvarado, Nelly Director, Educational Partnerships 2763
Banks, Antonio Director, Black and Males of Color Success 2031
Bell, Richette Director, Admissions & Records 2048
Berger, Sheri Vice President, Academic Affairs 2132
Blonshine, Rebekah Dean, Student Success 2235
Garcia, Michelle, M. Director, CalWORKs/TANF/GAIN  2069
Cobb, Keith Director, Financial Aid 2926
Curry, Keith President/Chief Executive Officer 2000
Dean, Brian Associate Registrar 2045
DeLilly, Carol Associate Dean of Nursing 2702
Ferguson, Melita Director, Child Development Center 2900
Flor, Paul Dean, Student Learning 2273
Huffman, Pilar Professional Development Manager 2142
James, Reuben Director, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services 2110
Jimenez, Cesar Dean, Counseling and Guided Pathways 2084
Jones, Nicole Vice President, Student Services 2024
Roston, Kemisha Director, Diversity, Compliance and Title IX 2144
Lambey, Dorrett Director, Accounting 2103
Mathews, Airek Manager, Distance Education 2264
Nasser, Abdul Vice President, Administrative Services 2111
Osanyinpeju, Abiodun Dean, Student Learning 2727
Owens, Linda Chief Facilities Officer 2606
Luna, Mercedes Interim Director, Student Development and Athletics 2802
Parnock, Heather Director, Community Relations 2968
Salas, Octavio Assistant Director, Facilities Planning & Operations 2605
Schlatter, Stephanie Director, Special Resource Center 2406
Sosenko, Lauren Director, Institutional Effectiveness 2971
Thompson, Marcus Chief of Police 2792
Wiggins, Lynell Director, Adult Education & Workforce Development 2753
Willis, Lydell Director, Basic Needs and Student Success 2538
Simmons, David Interim Chief Technology Officer 2180
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