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A.S. Degree and Certificates of Achievement

Business Administration

The program is designed to provide the opportunity for a transfer business major to achieve an associate degree. The student will acquire a foundation in basic accounting principles, business law, and macroeconomics and microeconomics theory. Students will be able to apply methodologies to assess fiscal and monetary policy in the marketplace and understand the basics of contract law. Competencies will be assessed through examination and projects.

Business (emphasis in Accounting)

By completing the degree or certificate requirements of the accounting program, students will acquire the ability to apply the fundamental theory, principles, and practices of the accounting cycle for unincorporated and corporate forms of business, financial, and managerial accounting theory as well as cost accounting and cost procedures used in business and industry. The student will also learn income tax regulations pertaining to individual and business income tax preparations and planning. Competencies will be assessed regularly through examinations and comprehensive problems. The major provides career opportunities in entry-level accounting positions.

Business (emphasis in Business Management)

The program provides students with the opportunity to obtain a degree or certificate in business management. The student completing this program will have the ability to organize, operate, and mange business organizations, utilize human resources, improve working relationships, draft letters and reports, and speak in various business situations. Competency will be measured by examinations, presentations, projects, and case problems.

Business (emphasis in Marketing)

The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a degree or certificate in marketing. The student will explore opportunities in the marketing field, acquire basic marketing terminology, applying marketing concepts to the role of marketing in society and in the business firm, and balance factors that influence marketing decision-making in the global economy. Competency will be measured by examinations, projects, and case problems.




Business - Accounting  - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Business - Bookkeeping Clerk - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Business - Business Management - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Business - Marketing - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Business - Office Applications Specialist - Gainful Employment Disclosure
Business - Retail Management - Gainful Employment Disclosure

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