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Career Clarity committee

The objective of the Compton College Career Clarity Committee (C3) is to prioritize career readiness and experiential education at Compton College by offering a model and structure for career services in each Guided Pathways Division (GPD).. Membership consists of Tartar Success Team representatives from various departmental areas, comprising the Workforce Development Director and Transfer Center Counselor as Co-Chairs, counselor representation from each GPD, academic senate appointed faculty, as well as representation from EOPS, CalWORKs, Workforce Development, and Student Life. 

Through collaboration and on-going discussion regarding the development of career engagement activities within each GPD, the C3 Vision is set into operation throughout the academic divisions: The C3 Vision Statement reads as follows:

  1. Ensure that learners in each GPD have the resources necessary to make an informed career decision
  2. Provide a mechanism for those in pursuit of a degree, career certificate, and/or university transfer to capitalize upon their core talents through skill enhancement and knowledge acquisition
    1. Skill enhancement (utilization of career tools to achieve career readiness– resume, job ready, interests/values, internships, service learning with career lens for transfer focused, etc.)
    2. Knowledge acquisition (informed decision-maker through increased occupational awareness validated by work-based learning experiences; strengthens major decision-making and affirms meta-major skill interest areas)
      1. Experiential (learn by doing or observing)
      2. Factual (Acquire knowledge through reading or listening)
  3. Establish and implement a model of personal and career identity grounded in informed decision making
  4. To understand what it means to adopt the posture of a learner that generates new knowledge (what will you contribute to your field)

To address C3 at one of its virtual committee meetings, email Lynell Wiggins at lwiggins@compton.edu so that you can be added to the agenda. Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each month.

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