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What would you do if someone gave you the shot you've been looking for? An opportunity to learn from a multi-disciplinary group of individuals with years of life experience in homeless services and in helping people overcome barriers to employment. Your opportunity is here.

  • Presentations by Homeless Services Providers

  • First Aid Certification

  • Social Services Career Preparation

  • Engaging the Homeless Population

  • Safety and Self-Care in Social Services

  • Covid-19 Education Overview

  • Intervention and Advocacy

  • Housing Challenges and Advocacy

  • Managing Refusals in Homeless Outreach and Crisis Intervention

Careers for a Cause 2022 Cohort
  • Homeless Outreach Intervention

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Harm Reduction and Recognizing Suicidal Ideation

  • Compassion Satisfaction, Fatigue, and Vicarious Trauma

  • Homeless Population Characteristics and Traits

  • Mental Health Disorders, Stereotypes, and Biases in the Homeless Community

  • Strengths Assessments

  • Avoiding Burnout

  • Homeless Population Identification

Many people go through life desiring to have an impact on the lives of others. Join a future Careers for a Cause cohort and begin your journey towards job placement in an industry that builds upon your lived experience. Have you experienced or overcome mental health challenges, debilitating substance use, homelessness, and/or incarceration. Our hope is that you realize a number of career paths can benefit from your wealth of internal and external knowledge.

Careers for a Cause was developed by the Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, in partnership with Los Angeles County Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services Department (WDACS), Los Angeles Southwest College, St. Josephs Center, and the South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z) to expand the County homeless services industry. The eight-week program offers career exploration and assessment, job shadowing, skills training, on-the-job coaching, and job retention support. In addition, students receive wrap-around support services and a stipend (Adapted from https://ridley-thomas.lacounty.gov/index.php/careers-for-a-cause/).

The Compton College Careers for a Cause (C4C) program seeks to expand this vision by connecting participants to campus resources that heighten students chance for completion and occupational success. In addition to the bulleted items listed above, participants will earn a Basic Career Training certificate that affirms their completion of employment readiness criteria for success under the new normal of today's health realities. Through offering this short-term 8-week cohort based program employers are able to access essential workers trained under the auspices of the latest health and safety expectations in Los Angeles County. Additionally, learners will be oriented to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority - Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). 

The advantages of the C4C program seem to be without end, but most importantly know that the Compton College Workforce Development team is here to assist you with your employability needs until you've reached satisfaction. Be on the lookout for our next cohort this coming semester!

The Recruitment Process 

Participants interested in applying must first attend a virtual/on-line Information Session (To Be Announced). During this time you will be presented with an online link to a Google application form that must be completed by the deadline for that semesters cohort. Applicants that meet the grant's guidelines for funding are prioritized in the interview process and will be contacted for an interview by phone or email. All interested learners are encouraged to apply.

Once the interview process is completed, the C4C Selection Committee decides on about 50 finalists. Those Finalists will be invited to attend the Mandatory Zoom Orientation. From there participants will be asked to apply to Compton College if they do not have a current Fall or Spring application on file and students will be asked to attend a registration workshop for two noncredit courses aligned with the program. 

For more information, contact us at workforce@compton.edu.

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