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Faculty Resources


ECC CEC Monthly Announcements

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, Distance Education September 2015
AP4105 - Distance Education
Distance Education Guidelines
Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines


El Camino College Policies/Procedures

Distance Education Organizational Chart
AP 4105
Policy on Distance Education
Classroom Visitation Protocol
Student Authentication Guidelines
Regular Effective Contact Policy


Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

ACCJC Special Event Information
ACCJC Special Event Session through CCC Confer
ACCJC Special Event Session in YouTube with closed captions
ACCJC Special Event Session Presentation Slides
ACCJC Special Event Session Q & A Follow-Up
ACCJC Special Event Session Resources




Contact (for assistance)

Teach Fully Online or Hybrid Courses

'How to Teach an Online Course' &
Complete a Course Management System course.
(Preferably ETUDES)

Distance Education Office
Course Management System ECC is currently licensed for the use of ETUDES.
Provide proof of training completion to the Distance Education office.
Distance Education Office
Staff Development Office
Course Management System for Traditional Courses ETUDES training is available for traditional class usage. Distance Education Office
Staff Development Office
Where can I receive training to teach an Online/Hybrid course? Staff Development at the ECC campus.
'How To Teach an Online Courses':  ECC Campus@One
Distance Education Office
Staff Development Office



  ETUDES Live Shell Request This form should be submitted to the Distance Education office at least two months before the semester begins. Due to changes, forms for the semester can be requested up to the mid-semester.
  Online Course Review Checklist

This form is completed each academic year for each Distance Education course. (Previously, the Principles of Good Practice for Online Courses.)

  Online Teaching Course (Announcement)

     Teach Requirements for DE Courses

              Recommended Technology Skills

Instructors interested in teaching online or hybrid courses must complete the college's training requirements.



  Faculty Schedule Request This form must be submitted to receive an online or hybrid teaching assignment.
  Online Teaching Certificate Course Waiver  

 Principles of Good Practice


ECC "Principles Worksheet" Information and Chat Session through CCC Confer

ECC "Principles Worksheet" Information and Chat Session Presentation Slides





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