Student Success Profile: Jovanny Orozco

Photo of Jovanny Orozco

San Pedro resident, Jovanny Orozco graduated from Narbonne High School in 2016 and is currently attending Compton College. He is a business administration major who is considering transferring to California State University, Los Angeles or California State University, Fullerton after he graduates from Compton College with an associate degree in fall 2018.

His future career plans include working for a large company in a position where he can apply the business administration practices he is learning in college. Eventually, he would like to have his own business. "Getting experience while working for a large company would help me learn a lot of the behind-the-scenes operations and processes that goes into running a business."

Being a first generation college student, Orozco took advantage of the numerous services offered at Compton College to "navigate" his way through college and successfully complete his educational plan. He uses the Library-Student Success Center, the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) and regularly meets with his counselor to monitor his progress and stay on track with his classes for transfer requirements. Orozco is also a student worker in the Compton College Counseling Office.

"Working in the Counseling Office and learning about all of the services Compton College offers on campus has helped me a lot," he said. "I'm also able to provide useful information to other students that don't know about all the student services offered here. When I first came to Compton College, I was the student who didn't know what questions to ask and now I can help my fellow students."

He likes the fact that Compton College has a smaller campus that affords teachers the opportunity to focus their attention on more individualized support for students. He also stressed the importance of priority registration to help students stay on track with their educational plans. "Priority registration is a big help because you might want to register for classes with a specific instructors. Students might prefer one instructor's teaching style over another's, since we all individual learning styles," said Orozco.

"It really counts to have that extra support you need in college," said Orozco. "Compton College has given me the help I needed. I regularly encourage some of my family members to enroll at Compton College."

When he is not working at the Counseling Office or studying, Orozco likes to pursue boxing or play basketball. He says it is his "release" to help him relax and get his mind off some of the pressure that often comes with studies and homework.

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