Student Transportation and Parking Planning

Compton College anticipates future transportation and parking issues that may impact student enrollment in the 2017-18 academic year. As a result, Compton College is launching the following strategies to help relieve future transportation and parking challenges for students, faculty, staff and the community:

  • Metro U-Pass: Compton College is partnering with Los Angeles Metro to provide a reduced fare for Compton College students using Metro buses (Express and Silver lines included). This pilot program is only available to select colleges and would allow students to sign up online through the Compton College website or in person on campus. The fee to participate would be paid to the Compton Community College District. The Compton College student ID with a Metro sticker will serve as the U-Pass for students. The U-Pass is valid for an entire semester. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six units to qualify for the U-Pass, which enables part-time students to participate. More information on the Los Angeles Metro U-Pass, is available online:
  • Uber/Lyft Pick-Up and Drop-off Locations: Compton College has arranged for five pick-up and drop-off locations for Uber and Lyft drivers on campus:
    • Parking Lot A
    • Parking Lot F
    • Administration Building (Flag Pole)
    • Child Development Center (CDC)
    • MLB Urban Youth Academy
    A campus map is currently being created showing all the identified pick-up and drop-off locations and will be distributed to faculty, staff and students. The current bus pick-up and drop-off location has been relocated to the main loop near the Flag Pole.
  • Stacked Parking for Fall 2017: To alleviate traffic due to construction of the Tartar Village, as well as to accommodate parking during the first two weeks of the fall semester, Compton College will partner with an outside contractor to provide a "stacked parking" option for students and staff in Parking Lot A.

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