Compton College Faculty Achieve Professional Success

In addition to helping students achieve academic success, Compton College faculty and staff members are enjoying successes of their own on other professional projects. Their work outside of the classroom does a lot to enrich the Compton College student experience overall. Here is a look at some of their most recent accomplishments:

Photo of Aaron Dowell, film and video instructor

Aaron Dowell, film and video instructor at Compton College, has produced a film titled, "Congratulations, You're On Your Own: Life After Foster Care" which aired on PBS. Co-produced with film director, Michael Nes, this documentary takes a closer look at the Los Angeles foster care system, explaining how children enter the foster care system, what happens while they are there, and the hardships they face as they transition out of the system. It documents real life stories of several young people who have recently "aged out" of foster care. View the documentary here:

Photo of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration instructor Dale Ueda

Compton College Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration instructor Dale Ueda recently completed an intense, 40-hour training session and received numerous certifications through the ESCO Institute. He completed energy efficiency and energy auditing training, while also learning how to teach these and other topics using new H-HEAT-1 trainer equipment. Ueda demonstrated his ability to perform a blower door test, duct pressurization test, combustion analysis, and use a thermal imaging camera. In addition to a participation certificate, Ueda earned the following certifications: green awareness, duct and envelope performance, heat gain/loss analyst, energy auditor performance, and energy analyst. Pictured from left are Eugene Silberstein of ESCO, Dale Ueda, Kevin Hepburn of Hampden Engineering, and Steve Allen of ESCO.

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