Associated Student Body Council Leads Student Life Activities

The Associated Student Body officers and commissioners coordinate student activities; help determine how ASB funds will be allocated; and represent student views on important ECC Compton Center issues. ASB holds weekly meetings, which are open to all ECC Compton Center students.

In conjunction with the Office of Student Life, several special programs are sponsored annually by the ASB including: Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, the Academic Awards Tea, and ASB Awards Banquet.

The ASB officiers are elected annually by the students of ECC Compton Center. The 2016-17 elected ASB Officers are:

     President Joshua Jackson
     Vice President Dayshawn Louden
     Secretary Angelina Elis
     Treasurer Jonae Urabe
     Commissioner of Activities Khari Dickerson
     Commissioner of Athletics Angelina Florimon
     Commissioner of Clubs & Organizations Jeilana Fernandez
     Commissioner of Environment Jorge Mora
     Commissioner of Financial Aid Benjamin Frausto
     Commissioner of Public Relations Queen Juarez-Ward

The eligibility requirements to hold an ASB office include enrollment in 10 class hours per week, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and completion of fewer than 70 units. Elections are held each spring semester.

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