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About SI

SI Motto:

Tell me, and I forget,

Show me, and I remember,

Involve me, and I understand.

- Chinese Proverb

Mission Statement: The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program assists all El Camino College Compton Center students meet their academic aspirations by providing peer facilitated group study sessions to enhance their understanding of course content and exposes students to successful study skills which creates independent learners.

Goals: To increase student retention and success rates for courses at El Camino College Compton Center supported with SI.

Philosophy: The Supplemental Instruction Program provides FREE weekly review sessions for all ECC-Compton Center students enrolled in a targeted historically difficult course.  SI sessions are interactive review sessions that incorporate course content (what to learn) and study strategies (how to learn).  Student attendance at SI sessions is voluntary.  SI sessions are facilitated by SI Coaches.  SI Coaches serve as "near peers" to the students in class and model good student behavior (attend all classes, are attentive, take notes, and model organizational and study skills). SI Coaches do not re-lecture but instead facilitate review sessions that enable the participants to process the course content delivered in class.


Student Benefits


What SI participants at ECC Compton Center had to say . . .


"The SI sessions were helpful and my classmates helped me with a team effort."- CHEM20 Student SP2013

"SI made one feel stronger about the subject."- ENG1A Student SP2013

"My SI Coach was excellent she is very patient and understanding of my impaired need to certain math problems. After attending our session my test grade went from an F to a C. Her hard work and endless effort to make sure I understood every problem made me confident in my study." - MATH12 Student SP2013

"I think the SI program is really helping people get the material. They start to understand it more with a bit of help." - MATH40 Student SP2013

"She was very knowledgeable and approachable made me feel comfortable to ask any questions." - PHYSIO31

"My learning experience at SI program has helped me to become a better student. It prepared me for my future classes. I look forward to using the SI program for all my classes. All my expectations of the SI program were met. I will recommend to my friends." - Eng82 Student SU2013



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