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Administration of Justice

Health and Public Services Guided Pathway Division

The Administration of Justice program provides students with the ability to apply principles of the justice system, constitutional and procedural considerations affecting arrest, search and seizure, human relations, and concepts of criminal law as well as demonstrate proficiency in report writing and record keeping. Students completing this program will be prepared to transfer and major in criminal justice. Competencies will be assessed regularly in accordance with the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) criteria.

Program Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the degree or certificate program, students will be able to:

  • The 4th Amendment: Recognize unlawful behavior and take appropriate enforcement action properly utilizing probable cause as required in the 4th amendment of the US Constitution.
  • Criminal Justice Reports: Properly document a criminal investigation, crime analysis report, intelligence report, or other criminal justice documentation. The report will include the correct elements of the incident involved, will include the relevant facts, be accurate and complete and will be grammatically correct.
  • Interpreting Criminal Profiles and Identifying Criminal Behaviors: After being provided a hypothetical crime scenario will be able to recognize and interpret as suspicious or criminal behavior based on facts presented in the scenario.
  • Certificates, Graduation, and Transfer Students: Successfully earn a certificate/graduate/transfer to 4-year universities and will successfully compete for jobs in which they can apply legal, investigative, and communicative skills acquired in the administration of justice program.
  • The Criminal Justice System: Explain what the criminal justice system is, what role it performs in society and how its components interact with one another in achieving its goals.

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