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Fine Arts, Communication and Humanities Guided Pathway Division

The English program develops the student's ability to read multiple genres with understanding and discernment. The student will acquire competence in writing college-level expository essays and applying research strategies. The student will also develop interpretive and analytical skills through exposure to a wide range of literature. Competencies will be assessed primarily by evaluating the student's critical thinking abilities as demonstrated through written work. Completion of the program prepares the English major for any profession or industry requiring strong communication skills as well as transfer.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the degree program, students will be able to:

  • Composition Writing: demonstrate readiness for transfer-level composition courses by composing an appropriately developed expository message that integrates and documents sources. The essay should include an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs with topics sentences, a conclusion and a Works Cited page, and be relatively free of errors in grammar and mechanics.
  • Literary Knowledge: demonstrate knowledge of literary elements, and familiarity with authors and cultural contexts of representative works.
  • MLA Formatting: create a thesis-driven, coherent, unified, and well-developed essay in MLA format that demonstrates reading and writing competency at the transfer level.
  • Creative Writing Process: demonstrate knowledge of the creative writing process, an understanding of a variety of creative writing conventions, the ability to critique the work of others, and the ability to produce and revise their own written work within a specific creative genre.
  • Analysis and Comprehension Skills: give evidence of preparedness for transfer-level composition courses by successfully comprehending and analyzing essay-length non-fiction texts written for college-bound readers at both literal and critical levels of meaning.


English as a Second Language

Personal Care Attendant- Certificate of Completion

The Personal Care Attendant Program is designed for ESL learners interested in preparing for careers in healthcare. Students gain a general knowledge of healthcare settings, careers, and terminology. This includes the major body systems and their basic functions. Emphasis is on terminology and communication skills for interacting with patients and professionals in the medical field. Topics include anatomy, diseases, symptoms, common medical tests, procedures, communication, safety, medical emergencies, first aid, and pharmacology.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Use key medical terms in speaking and writing. Understand major body systems and their functions.
  • Practice strong communication skills for interacting with patients and professionals in the field.
  • Analyze common diseases and their symptoms.
  • Distinguish common medical tests and their procedures.
  • Assess medical emergencies and distinguish best first aid practices.

Course Catalog (webpage)

Major Preparation Work Sheet (Counseling webpage)


Dr. Rebekah Blonshine
Dean of Student Success
310-900-1600, ext. 2235
L-SSC, Room 103

Dr. Valerie Woodward
Division Chair - FACH
310-900-1600, ext. 2239

English Faculty

David Maruyama
English Faculty

Domenic Capozzolo
English Faculty

Jennifer Knox Hill
English Faculty

Jose L Bernaudo
English Faculty

Judith Crozier
English Faculty

Sarah F George
English Faculty

Susan M Johnson
English Faculty

Valerie S Woodward
English Faculty

Amber L Gillis
English/ Humanities Faculty

Nikki D Williams
English/ Sociology Faculty


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