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Professor Saul Panski

History 102: United States History from 1877 -Online Course        

SECOND EIGHT WEEKS  OCT. 23, 2010-DEC 17, 2010       

Course Information

COURSE: History 102 - United States History from 1877 to the present 



OFFICE PHONE: (310) 900-1600, Ext. 2560



Course Policies:


Assignments and exams will be administered and turned in online.  Students will also be expected to participate in online discussions. Assignments and discussion contributions must be submitted by the specified deadlines listed on Etudes.   Exams must be taken online on and at the prescribed dates and times.  Students will be evaluated and assessed to demonstrate understanding of subject matter through the following activities:

A.    Video lesson written summaries requiring critical thinking skills and knowledge of subject content.

B.    Multiple choice, true-false, and matching online examinations

C.    Participation in online class discussions related to each chapter of the textbook.




History 102 is a Credit/Degree applicable course and the grade is based on points earned  from the following:

Video lesson/Chapter Summaries              26% of grade 130 points


These summaries should be submitted online via the Etudes “Assignments, Tests, and Surveys” link.   If you have a problem accessing Etudes when assignments are due, you can send summaries to me as attachments at my regular email address  at    Each video summary should be distinguished by clear,  separate headings.    Do NOT combine summaries that are part of the same assignment.

Class discussion:                                       34%  of grade       175 points

You will be asked to post online, via the Etudes “Discussion and Private Message” link, an introductory comment telling the class a little bit about yourself .  This will indicate to me that you have successfully accessed and understand how to use Etudes.   Students who fail to do so will be dropped from the class as "no shows"  on  Friday, October 29, 2010 .  This will be worth 5 points.

Subsequently you are to post  two comments for each discussion topic, the first responding to the listed questions and the second to student comments.    Participation for each discussion topic will be worth up to 10 points .  There will be discussion questions posted for each chapter of the textbook.                 

Midterm exam:                                            20% of grade 100 points  

MIDTERM EXAMINATION  November 18-19,2010


Final Examination :                                      20% of grade 100 points.  

FINAL EXAMINATION   December 16-17, 2010


The Midterm and Final Examinations will be timed.  Students will have three and a half hours to complete the exams online.  They will focus on the KEY TERMS found in the Etudes "Modules" links and will consist of matching, true-false, and fill-in-the-blank questions.  Most will be linked directly to your textbook readings. However, there will be some questions linked to the video lessons.

Total possible points= 505 points
400-505 points= A
375-399 points=B
335-374 points=C
295-334 points=D

Download syllabus for History 102




Module 1

Chapter 16 The Conquest of the Far West

Video lesson 27 The Meeting Ground

Video lesson 28 The Legendary Frontier

Module 2

Chapter 17 Industrial Supremacy

Video lesson 29 A New Corporate Order

Module 3

Chapter 18 The Age of the City

Video lesson 30 The Age of the City

Module 4

Chapter 19 From Crisis to Empire

Video lesson 31 Political Stalemate

Video lesson 32 Imperial Ambition

Module 5

Chapter 20 The Progressives

Video lesson 33 The Progressive Era

Video lesson 34 Warrior to Priest—Presidents of the Early 1900’s

Module 6

Chapter 21 America and the Great War

Video lesson 35 The Road to War

Video lesson 36 To End All Wars? 

Module 7

Chapter 22 The New Era

Video lesson 37 The 1920’s—Beyond the Glitter



Module 8 

Chapter 23  The Great Depression

Video lesson 38 Hard Times

Module 9

Chapter 24 The New Deal

Video lesson 39 A Chaos of Experimentation

Module 10

Chapter 25 The Global Crisis, 1921-1941

Video lesson 40 Between the Wars

Module 11

Chapter 26 America in a World at War

Video lesson 41 A Nation at War

Video lesson 42 Taking the Offensive

Module 12

Chapter 27  The Cold War

Video lesson 43 The Collapse of Peace

Video lesson 44 Fallout

Module 13

Chapter 28 The Affluent Society

Video lesson 45 The Way We Were?

Video lesson 46 The Other America

Module 14

Chapter 29  Civil Rights, Vietnam and The Ordeal of Liberalism

Video lesson 47 Restless Society

Video lesson 48 A Nation Torn

Video lesson 49 Determined to be Heard

Module 15

Chapter 30 The Crisis of Authority

Video lesson 50 Crisis of Authority

Module 16

Chapter 31 From the Age of Limits to the Age of Reagan

Video lesson 51 Right Turn 

Module 17

Chapter 32 The Age of Globalization

Video lesson 52 World of Uncertainty


Course Material:

Textbook: (Mandatory)   Print or E-Book


The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, Volume 2, 6th Edition by  Alan Brinkley. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education  ISBN 978-0-07-728636-1.   2010   The  book is available at the Bookstore on the Compton campus. 

You can also order online from the ECC  bookstore at


You may wish to consider purchasing an e-book version of the text from an organization called Coursesmart   (

DVD Video lessons : (Mandatory) 

The Unfinished Nation: Part II: American History since 1865   ISBN  978-1-58-370034-1  Intelecom. 2004


Online Resources:

Etudes Gateway: http:/myetudes.orgl 

(If you need help logging in, please see the syllabus or click here.)