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Human Development 110

concertWelcome to Human Development 110! This course provides an exploration of cognitive, psychological, social and physical factors influencing success in college and in life. Topics include personal responsibility, critical thinking, motivation, self-efficacy, self-awareness, lifelong learning, self-management, health and wellness, interpersonal communication in a diverse world and educational planning.  

This course is a 3 unit, Transfer: UC;CSU

Our course will involve classroom and small group discussion. It is important for every student to participate in these discussions. At times topics may be personal, some may be emotional. The following are guidelines that are to be used in any discussion during the course.

  • Each person has a right to her or his own opinion.
  • Each person has a right to be respected. Be aware of your own prejudices.
  • Each person has a right to privacy. No one is required to comment on a given topic and if a person requests confidentiality, others agree to not repeat what was said.


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